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Rose Bowl Parade – IMPEACH OBAMA – Banner Flyover!

Rose Bowl Parade – IMPEACH OBAMA – Banner Flyover!

Stop Obama Now!! – Tea Party Group, San Diego

In this event a sky-banner reading “IMPEACH OBAMA!” will be towed over the route of the Rose Parade and over the freeways of downtown Los Angeles. FAA requirements are that the plane stay 3,000 feet above the parade route, but we will be towing a sign with 12-foot letters, much larger than normal, which will be readable for over a mile.

More than one million people are expected to be along the parade route, including many foreign visitors and media. There is also the possibility of the message reaching 10′s of millions of the television audience. This is a great opportunity to completely bypass the media and let the public know that we want Obama, exposed and removed from office.

Whether you believe that impeachment is practical at this time or not, this event is a protest of the media bias surrounding the Obama candidacy and presidency. We feel that the media has practiced a huge double standard. Criticism of Obama is suppressed. This is a chance to voice our disapproval in a way that is difficult to ignore and there is a benefit in that, in itself. It is said that in time of deception, the truth is subversive. This is a time of deception.

To find out more information and how to donate (we need $2,400) click on this link below:


About Cathy Richardson

Cathy is the creator of OC Tea Party Blog and Co-Founder of South Orange County 912, a tea party group in Southern California, founded March 30, 2009. She is an advocate for American values and a return to the principles of our Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution. You can reach her here.

9 Responses to “Rose Bowl Parade – IMPEACH OBAMA – Banner Flyover!”

  1. Steve says:

    I really wish they would have a different message, such as “It’s the Constitution” or similar. the IO message will be seen as hateful – – and on its own, stupid.

    • Plumbadrumma says:

      No, Hateful would be a likeness of Obama dressed as a Jihadist holding a sword in his left hand and Lady Liberty’s head held high in his right hand!
      This would be a truthful depection of the President but the Media and Left would scream “HATE CRIME!”

  2. OCTPadmin says:

    I hear you but it is important that the people stand up and voice their dissent otherwise is there any dissent? It is not hateful. We are purely dissenting. Being called hateful and even being seen as hateful is a false conclusion. Even this (Saul Alinksy tactic) we need to stand up against. Remember the left use it all time without repercussions; are we just to cower and thus open the door welcoming the left in? It’s important we too call a spade and spade. I know we are not hateful; we are just very concerned and very frustrated that we can’t get the truth out!

    • Hawk says:


      Then you proved another point We need the left and anyone who does not understands that EVERY founding Father was a liberal well is not reading history.

      If all you do is inflame people with no chance of getting moderate and liberal support can not happen.

      Express the policy you want with out just going off on a rant about whatever foolishness is pinging around your head.

      Mr. Obama is not evil he is not a Kenyan Stop it He is the leader of policies we disagree with when you fail to understand that you have no purpose because being in the minority makes it a process of education and persistence. Not immediate gratification NO one who does not already believe as you do now will ever listen to you if all you do is put up pictures of the PRESIDENT of The United States of AMERICA in absurd and hateful postures.

      You can’t possibly think making President Obama look like Hitler or a Jihadist holding a sword in his left hand and Lady Liberty’s head held high in his right hand!is going to get any message out except that you are a hateful racist fool such acts only make people reflect on you and not any other mesage.

  3. Steve says:

    It is important to carry a good message, otherwise the dissent is powerless. For example, what would be the Articles of Impeachment?

    Your reply makes no sense to me. Make one point and explain it well.

  4. OCTPadmin says:

    Get an update — they are only $250 short!

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