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Hamas Now Controls Orange County

by Steve Amundson

How many more municipalities and states will cave in to the wants of Hamas linked CAIR.  Deborah Pauly who spoke out to two radical anti Americans over a year ago got ousted from the Orange County GOP.  Siraj Wahhaj (unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing) and Amir Abdel Malik Ali were the guest speakers at an ICNA (unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 HLF trial).  Deborah has come under fire from Hamas-CAIR, MPAC and other MB groups for her direct and factual description of the two speakers.

Hamas linked CAIR is now gloating over the ousted Pauly.  Is your city or state next on CAIR’s list?  Here is the press release from CAIR.  Why do we never see anything from them on honor killings here in the US and elsewhere.  The horrific treatment women receive under Shariah?  You know Why?

CAIR-LA Applauds GOP for Ousting Villa Park Councilwoman

Pauly Expressed anti-Muslim Hatred, Aligned with ‘former Segregationist’

(ANAHEIM, CA, 5/22/12) — The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today applauded the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee for reprimanding the committee’s First Vice Chair Deboarah Pauly by voting her out of her vice chair position. Pauly is also a Villa Park councilwoman.

The Councilwoman, who previously threatened violence at Muslim families, was recently exposed for aligning with and later failing to distance herself from a ‘former segregationist’ and white supremacist Robert Walters. Walters served as campaign manager for former Alabama Governor George Wallace, who advocated against desegregation.

Committee Chair Scott Baugh made a motion at Monday’s meeting to remove Pauly from her position. The motion passed 47 to 16.

“We commend the Orange County Republican Party’s central committee for making the right moral move by sanctioning Deborah Pauly and her racist politics,” said CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush. “It is healthy and perfectly democratic to have differing political views but as Americans, we must not tolerate any divisive, bigoted politics in our midst.”

SEE: O.C. supervisor hopeful gets support … on George Wallace letterhead (LA Times blog)

Last year, Pauly along with other elected officials spoke at an anti-Muslim hate rally in Yorba Linda, held in response to a Muslim charity event organized to raise money for the homeless and women’s shelters.

At the rally, she said: “These who are assembling are enemies of America. They are your enemy. They are my enemy because they seek to destroy it.” The councilwoman added, “I know quite a few Marines who will be happy to help these terrorists [as she pointed toward the community center where the fundraising event was being held] to an early meeting in paradise.”

About Cathy Richardson

Cathy is the creator of OC Tea Party Blog and Co-Founder of South Orange County 912, a tea party group in Southern California, founded March 30, 2009. She is an advocate for American values and a return to the principles of our Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution. You can reach her here.

7 Responses to “Hamas Now Controls Orange County”

  1. OCTPadmin says:

    Below are comments I received personally through email:

    “So disturbing. The OC Gop needs to be voted out and replaced!!”

    “Now what?”

    “So, what can we do to show support for Deborah?”

    “. . . you can go on the article that is in the paper today about it in the local section and click on the video and watch the meeting and I tell you Deborah has a lot of strength to sit there and listen to Scott Baugh, it makes me sick to think that this man is running the Republican party. He needs to go and a lot of others too.
    . . . Fortunately things like what just happened tend to backfire on these political cronies and we will just pray that this does.”

    “Deborah Pauly is for WE THE PEOPLE. Those in the Central Committee that voted against her now have their hands dirtied as being supporters of Hamas besides special interest public unions. They did exactly what CAIR couldn’t do and Villa Park City Council rivals couldn’t do. Shame on Scott Baugh, Chairman, and all those who sided with him. What division he caused all by himself! True conservatives don’t want crony political capitalism. Get off your throne. We live in a Republic. No one on the Central Committee wants to speak against you now. You’ll throw them off! Sounds tyrannical. Is it any wonder Republicans are losing their base. I think Scott Baugh owes an apology to Deborah Pauly and to the OC GOP for misleading them and to the Republican Party for your misbehavior and giving them a bad name.”

    “What in the bloody blazes is going on here? Is Baugh secretly receiving money…or threats from Hamas-CAIR….Is he in favor of Sharia…what is his real political affiliation? Baugh is the one who must resign! Have you tendered your resignation yet?”

  2. I had heard about this vile press release. Thanks for posting it. I know Deb Pauly. She’s not a racist or a religious bigot. It is sad to see Scott Baugh and others seeking to smear Pauly in this manner. She’s a lifelong Christian and an Air Force veteran. She should be getting better treatment from our party.

  3. Marilyn Davenport says:

    I am a member of the OC Central Committee and I am proud to say I did NOT vote to remove Deborah Pauly. Deborah is a heroine! She has the integrity that I wish EVERY Central Committe member had.

    Yes, Deborah supported me last year when Scott Baugh and Mike Schroeder sought to remove me from the Central Committee by calling me a racist when I sent an email to friends (unfortunately, I thought Scott was one of them) of the political satire cartoon of Obama. You will remember it because it was on every television channel, radio station, and Internet. I didn’t march to Scott’s drum on some issues and that was the consequence he was going to make me pay. I, of course, was not about to resign.

    A few months ago, Scott and his “czars” decided to change the Committee’s By-Laws. Yes, as you might guess, the change would give the Chairman greater power to remove those who do not agree with him.

    It is sad to see the once OC Republican party known for its conservatism, accountability and integrity, begin to change in just a few short years. It also is disappointing as I observe some of the Tea Party members compromising to a “can’t we just get along” mindset.

    Let’s hope and pray that voters on June 5th will see the need to make a change and do so at the ballot box.

  4. ctodd says:

    Wake up people!! The GOP has been taken over by progressives bent on tolerating every destructive entity and not tolerating everything that made America great. And especially no tolerance for the truth. It’s time to start a new party; the GOP belongs to the progressives as surely as the Democrat party is in their soiled hands. If you’re a Christian or a tea party conservative you no longer are welcome at the RNC.

  5. Mary S. says:

    It is really unfortunate what happened at last weeks OC-GOP Central Committee meeting.
    What most people fail to realize is that when we go to the polls to vote for a candidate, that candidate has been chosen not by the people who are voting, but by an elite snobbery
    of people who sit on a Committee, yes one elected by us, but unfortunately forgotten by us as well. This is where it all starts. With the backing from those in the Lincoln club who have money and think that they can control it all, and people like Scott Baugh, Mike Schroeder who were both on Carona’s side, you do remember our beloved Sheriff, the one who is sitting in a jail cell in Colorado for his dirty tricks. Well it was he dirty tricks of the Central Committee that kept him as our Sheriff. What the Central Committee did in ousting Deborah Pauly is really unAmberican, unthinkable and I would say playing right into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. After C.A.I.R. edited the video they showed, that supposedly condemed Deborah for her comments they forgot to tell you that her comments were aimed at the two speakers at that center who were there raising money falsely for their Jihadist brothers back home. She was not aiming her comments at Muslims in general. The two who were talking were unindicted co-conspirators from the Homeland Foundation Trial. Do any of you even know what that was, I would suggest that you google it and find out then you will know why she made her comments that she did. As for Baugh, Mary Young, and others that don’t have the guts to raise their hands or cast a paper ballot with their names on it and did their dastardly deed in secret they are the one’s who should be off the Central Committee. Not to mention the Congressman that thinks he doesn’t smell and pulls the strings behind the curtain. They all stink and should be voted off. We have a chance to change things on the Central Committee, I would advise you when you mark your ballot
    to make sure that most of the incumbents on there should not be voted for… that will send a message to them.

  6. O'brother says:

    People, wake up.

    Pauly took union money from the firefighters union to get elected to council.

    She just took the maximum $1,800 from Carona lawyer Michael Schroeder. She just thought you wouldn’t find out until after the election.

    She is a phony.

    Get over it.

  7. cynthia curran says:

    Well, there are a lot of followers of Islam in the county and they don’t want to appear intolerant. Also, National Review that did an article on Anaheim’s protest as someone stated didn’t mention the alliance with radical Hispanic groups like the brown berets and the Mexica Movement with the Occupy movement and both groups coming out in support of Hispanic gangs in Anaheim.


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