Alert to All Tea Party Leaders in OC!: Say NO to Neel Kashkari!!!

By Kelly R. Hubbard:

It has come to my attention that Neel Kashkari’s campaign has reached out to conservative groups in the Inland Empire, particularly to the Tea Party community out there. His campaign has met with at least one large Tea Party group out there in hopes of soliciting their support for November! Although the Tea Partiers out there made it very clear they largely do not support his candidacy, he was able to convince them of a meeting nonetheless.

It’s very important that we as Tea Party conservatives remember that this is the same Neel Kashkari who spent the entire primary season trashing those with Tea Party values, and with the help of his establishment allies, falsely labeling our candidate Tim Donnelly as a racist and a nut!

Facing poll numbers showing an almost certain double-digit defeat from Jerry Brown, Kash has now found old time religion and he now wants to be the Tea Party communities’ best friend!

Putting aside for a moment the chutzpah (hootspa) of this guy asking for support from those he spent the entire primary season ignoring, it’s also outrages and offensive for his campaign to think that we as conservatives are going to abandoned our principles in order to satisfy our desire to take on Brown!

I encourage Tea Party leaders throughout Orange County to reject and dismiss any efforts from Neel Kashkari’s campaign to meet and engage with him!  This man had his chance to engage with us from the inception of his candidacy, and all the Tea Party community received in return from him and frankly from his buddies in the GOP establishment, is the back of their hands!

I don’t need to remind you that Neel Kashkari is the most liberal republican to ever seek the office of Governor of California! As we all know, there is very little to almost no distinction between he and Brown on the issues we care about!

Even in this last debate, which some are saying was a brilliant performance by him, Kashkari agreed with Brown on granting drivers licenses to illegal aliens, and on, as he put it, “the science behind climate change.”

In addition, the debate revealed that Kashkari, if elected, would continue the healthcare exchange known as Covered California and he refused to support a full repeal of Obamacare. He also praised Brown for not appealing the Prop. 8 decision, which as we all know was a direct and blatant violation of Brown’s oath of office!

The bottom line is this: We are either a people of principle or we are not! The GOP establishment had their chance in the primary to get behind a principled authentic conservative who aligned perfectly with every plank in their platform! Instead, they chose to get behind someone who voted for Obama and has absolutely nothing in common with the base of the party!

Getting behind Kashkari now, no matter how desperate we are to defeat Jerry Brown, would be an act of total abandonment and betrayal of every Conservative/Constitutional principle we hold dear! It is vital that we keep our integrity and our principles intact and that we don’t sell out like the GOP establishment has time and time again!

Once again, I strongly encourage each and every one of you, as Tea Party leaders here in OC, to reject any attempt by the Kashkari campaign to meet with them!

Furthermore, I also advise that we leave the portion for Governor on our ballots blank this year to send a clear and strong message to the California GOP that we will no longer have our votes taken for granted! Enough is enough!

The day of voting for a horrible Progressive Republican just because he isn’t the Democrat IS OVER!  I for one refuse to play that game any longer! We’ve all been there and done that with a guy named Arnold Schwarzenegger and all we received in return is the largest tax increase in CA history!

Say NO to Kashkari and say YES to your conservative principles! Read below the brief exchange I had with a Kashkari campaign staffer in the IE!  Also, check out the chart I sent out to him below and please share with others!  Thanks and God bless, Kelly


Jay Taneja
7:31 AM (2 hours ago)

to me, Greg, cabinet, Anna, Bob, Cheryl, Chris, Dale, Dale, Donald, Donald, Earl, Ellen, Eve, f, Fletch, Fran, Gina, Gina, Glenn, Gloria, Helen, Janet, Jeff, Jeff

Hello Ms. Hubbard,
I hope Mr. Kashkari’s visit on Monday answered most if not all of your concerns and questions. As you know the meeting was not a political play, but an attempt to bridge the gap within the party that came about in an unlikely manner. It is my sincere hope that his visit has helped correct some of the misinformation that has existed for months. If you or any one else have any questions or concerns that I can help address, please feel free to email me.


Inland Empire Chair
Neel Kashkari’s campaign
Jay Taneja


Kelly Hubbard <>
8:59 AM (41 minutes ago)

to Jay, Greg, cabinet, Anna, Bob, Cheryl, Chris, Dale, Dale, Donald, Donald, Earl, Ellen, Eve, f, Fletch, Fran, Gina, Gina, Glenn, Gloria, Helen, Janet, Jeff, Jeff


First, It’s Mr. Hubbard. Second, what misinformation sir are you talking about? Kashkari’s progressive views and his liberal record are crystal clear. If Mr. Kashkari is so concerned about bridging “the gap” in the party, perhaps he shouldn’t have spent the entire time in the primary dividing the party by making false allegations against Tim Donnelly during the primary and using the tactics of the left, i.e. playing the race card etc..

It would also help if your guy wasn’t so 180 degrees opposite on the issues that most conservative/constitutionalists care about! Agreeing with Jerry Brown on issues such as: global warming, amnesty, abortion, gay marriage, gun control, TARP, support for Obama, halting Cap & Trade, and drivers Licenses for Illegals, doesn’t provide the average conservative voter enough of a difference and only results in forcing us to vote for one of two evils. Your candidate is just as Progressive as Jerry Brown any day of the week!

I’m tired of playing this game the GOP always throws at us! We’ve been there and done that with a guy named Schwarzenegger and all we got in return is the largest tax increase in California history! The game of picking a bad Republican just because he isn’t the Democrat, is a game I for one refuse to participate in any longer! No wonder the Republican party is at a pathetically low 28% registration rate in CA! The Conservative base is fleeing the party in droves because the party has clearly demonstrated that it no longer stands for anything! Putting forward a candidate like Neel Kashkari is a prime example of that!

Mr. Taneja, there is a reason why your candidate is double digits behind Brown in the polls. A candidate can not be that far behind unless he or she has serious problems with his or her base. Rank and file conservatives will refuse to show up for the simple reason that your candidate just doesn’t have anything in common with them! Frankly, I cannot see large swaths of conservatives rushing to the voting booths on election day salivating at the chance to vote for a guy who voted for Obama! It just won’t happen! Had the GOP establishment not trashed and steamrolled over Tim Donnelly in the primary, perhaps we would have had an authentic conservative to go up against Brown and then the base would have been energized and actually very excited to show up! Instead of Brown winning by double digits, it probably would have been a much more competitive race!

When is the GOP going to open up their eyes and realize that elections are not won by putting forward candidates who are more like the Democrats? Elections are only won by putting forward candidates who provide the starkest of contrasts and are actual conservatives! Hopefully, one day the GOP will wake up to that reality before they cease to be a party anymore! Thank you, Kelly

No Difference Between Kashkari & Brown on the Issues!

                                                                                  images-15    images-16                    


Voted for Obama:          YES              YES


Supported TARP:          YES              YES


Believes in Man-made    YES             YES

“Global Warming”


Supports Gun Control:     YES            YES


Supports Gay Marriage:   YES            YES


Supports Abortion:            YES           YES


Supports Amnesty:            YES          YES


Supports DreamAct:          YES          YES


Drivers Licenses for Illegals:   YES      YES


Voted Against Halting CA

Cap & Trade (AB32)                 YES     YES


Doesn’t Support a Repeal 

of Obamacare                           YES     YES


Would Keep Covered

CA (healthcare) Exchange         YES     YES



About Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard is a long time O.C. Patriot/Conservative Activist who is known for his tough no non-sense vetting of candidates and diligent research on the issues of concern to Tea Partiers in Orange County and throughout the state. Kelly blogs on a whole range of national, state, and local political news, with an emphasis on elections and candidates. You can read many of Kelly's posts right here exclusively on O.C. Tea Party blog and we encourage you to share them with others.

5 Responses to “Alert to All Tea Party Leaders in OC!: Say NO to Neel Kashkari!!!”

  1. Nina says:

    Couldn’t have said it better Kelly. This guy is The Impostor of All impostors. Our very own Obama mini me.

  2. MVSteve says:

    Excellent, Kelly. Well said. I agree fully. Thank you.

    But let me quote the sentence about our not voting for governor, and expand on the message.

    “Furthermore, I also advise that we leave the portion for Governor on our ballots blank this year to send a clear and strong message to the California GOP that we will no longer have our votes taken for granted!”

    I hope that by leaving the governor’s race on our ballots blank this year we conservatives will convey the message that we won’t ever vote for a liberal, even one purporting to be a Republican, and that future candidates who claim to be Republican have no hope of ever winning, or even of not losing by landslide proportions, unless they are genuine conservatives—unless they are seeking to conserve the authority of our nation’s founding principles and uphold those principles (for the most part) by the means that the party’s platforms apply them to today’s issues. As we abstain from the governor’s race, let us tell our fellow Republicans, through the media (letters to the editor, etc.), that we will stand our ground and will not yield or bend our principles to achieve electoral success for personalities or the party’s name.

  3. I agree with you and will NOT vote for either person to run as Governor.

  4. Republican at the Core and Te Party to the Core says:

    I agree with you, Kelly and will vote for Kashkari because we can not continue to give the Democrats a mandate any longer. That is politics. Can you imagine if all the Tea Partiers held their nose and voted for McCain how much better of a position we would be in as a country right now?


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