ACTION ALERT!! Huntington Beach Bag Ban Repeal Once Again on the Agenda!

The long battle to repeal Huntington Beach’s absurd plastic bag ban may finally bear some fruit this week with a proposal on the table by one of HB’s newly elected Council members to place a repeal motion before the new Council for a vote.

What’s different this time, as opposed to previous attempts to repeal this nanny-state law, is that Huntington Beach is now finally represented by a majority of folks who are actually willing to listen to their constituents on this issue! Thanks to the voters, Huntington Beach is now represented by real adults! These are true representatives who are more interested in carrying-out the local taxpayer’s agenda, as opposed to taking marching orders from radical environmental special interest groups!

As you know, last November, voters in Surf City tossed out the two progressive incumbents who were the deciding votes on the bag ban. They replaced those two with two republicans, one of them being a solid constitutional conservative and local businessman named Erik Peterson. Voters also elected two other more moderate to liberal republicans to fill the two open seats on the Council.

In my previous blog posting on this issue, just after November’s election, I told you that the inconvenient and unnecessary plastic bag ban ordinance, coupled with the city’s push to develop high density condo developments, caused Surf-City voters to reach the boiling point!

It appears those two main issues provided just the incentive needed to replace an out-of control progressive majority, with now a more sensible and a more business/citizen friendly majority on the Council!

Peterson, along with incumbent Dave Sullivan and newly elected Councilman Michael Posey, may finally provide HB citizens some relief! It’s probably difficult for most people to fathom, but here in Huntington Beach, shoppers and consumers have to pay local merchants a dime for something that most folks in other towns take for granted!

Hopefully, this newly elected City Council will finally put to rest an issue that has been under the full control of enviro-statist special interest groups for far too long!

Local patriot Mike Hoskinson fills us in on what HB residents can do to make your voices heard and to put pressure on those Council Members who may be wobbly! Read below!

There is probably only one vote needed on the new City Council for this ban to be fully repealed! That fourth vote will likely come from one of the two newly elected liberal Republicans. Those two are Barbara Delglieze and another named Billy O’ Connell. Both of these individuals need to hear from you!

The radical environmentalists, some of whom are affiliated with George Soros funded organizations, have had the loudest voices and been the most misleading in this debate!

It’s time that HB residents finally give the majority viewpoint on what this community needs and wants!

In addition to Hoskinson’s message below, I’ve pasted a link for HB residents to express their concerns directly to the Council!

The latest news is that all of the noise is coming from the pro-bag ban folks, many of whom are probably not even residents of this city! Show up and make your voices heard! Don’t forget to attend tomorrow night’s City Council meeting at 2000 Main Street in downtown Huntington Beach! The meeting will start in the Council Chambers at 6p! Help bag this ban once and for all! Read below!,0,3293939.story

Dear Friends, 

Our little town of Huntington Beach just went national in a bad way. As you may know, a few years ago the HB City Council banned plastic bags against the will of the majority. Last April, Councilman Dave Sullivan brought forth a motion to repeal the bag ban, based on citizen outrage and the poor science the proponents wrote it on. The 4 council people who brought the bag ban in the first place voted to keep it in place, this precipitated an unprecedented outrage and networking of citizens that resulted in a historic sweep of two sitting council people last November.

Not surprisingly, Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a statewide bag ban. Immediately, opponents got to work collecting the required 500K signatures to put the repeal on the 2016 ballot…they got 800,000 which will easily qualify this contentious issue to be decided by us, the citizens of CA.

Last week, HB Councilman Michael Posey announced his intention to bring forth a bag ban repeal this coming Tuesday night with the idea that the issue will ultimately be decided by the voters and should be struck down locally in the interim. Predictably, the City Council inbox has been flooded by HB’s core group of environmentalists telling the Council to keep the bag ban in place. 

An out of state friend just emailed me something of much greater concern that shows us how important repealing this bad law is. She forwarded an email from a group called “The Story of Stuff” (, they produced a video a few years ago that showed how American consumerism is harming the planet (sound familiar?) it turns out they are funded by the Tides Foundation which is a George Soros front group. Here is the email:

The Huntington Beach City Council will consider a proposal next Tuesday, January 20th, to repeal the city’s bag ban which has been in place since November 2013. Our friends at Californians Against Waste are calling on local residents to take action to defend the bag ban.

Help fight plastic pollution by defending Huntington Beach’s bag ban. Join other community members at the council meeting next Tuesday at 6pm to show your support for banning unnecessary single-use plastic bags.

The hearing will be held in the Council Chambers at 2000 Main Street in Huntington Beach. Please contact Sue Vang of Californians Against Waste if you plan to attend.”

Why is a Leftist, George Soros-related national front group even bothering with a small town plastic bag ban ?? because if this bag ban goes down other cities may follow our lead and the hard-won propaganda victory the leftist environmentalists have slaved over for years will be lost….if a crack appears that wall might crumble and they simply cannot allow that.

This makes the bag ban repeal essential to the forward growth of Huntington Beach, we cannot allow national propaganda groups to influence the will of our citizens.

What can you do to help ? it is essential that this false narrative is destroyed and the City Council of Huntington Beach hear the voice of everyone that wants citizens to be the deciding factor in elections and laws.

Please send the entire City Council an email NOW telling them why you think repealing the bag ban is in the best interest of HB.

The city has a form to send email to all 7 CC members, it has not been updated with the new council members since the last election, on the pull down window choose #8 “Send to all CC members” then copy your message to the CC secretary at

Thanks for your help, I appreciate you helping us make the people’s voice heard and to keep these bad national groups out of our local politics !!

Mike Hoskinson 

PS here’s a great website that completely debunks “The Story of Stuff” 


By: Kelly R. Hubbard

(photo courtesy of HB Independent)

About Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard is a long time O.C. Patriot/Conservative Activist who is known for his tough no non-sense vetting of candidates and diligent research on the issues of concern to Tea Partiers in Orange County and throughout the state. Kelly blogs on a whole range of national, state, and local political news, with an emphasis on elections and candidates. You can read many of Kelly's posts right here exclusively on O.C. Tea Party blog and we encourage you to share them with others.

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