(VIDEO): The Conservatives’ Choice!

If Jeb Bush is going to be the establishment’s choice in this GOP Presidential primary, than you can bet that Ted Cruz will represent the conservatives’ choice in this race for the nomination!

Senator Cruz will no doubt play the part of the anti-establishment candidate, the antithesis of Bush, the candidate who won’t appeal to the middle, but will directly appeal to the base and those who actually believe in the platform of the Republican party and want their candidates to reflect those values!

At last, conservatives have someone they can finally get passionate about! You’re not going to find another candidate seeking the GOP nomination who is as bold, constitutionally-minded, and principled!

Not too mention this guy is probably the smartest and most brilliant individual to seek the Presidency in a really long time! Don’t forget this is the same man who clerked for a Supreme Court Justice and spent 21 hours filibustering Obamacare funding, who was as articulate and well-spoken at the end of the filibuster as he was at the beginning!

Even the act of by-passing the whole exploratory committee process and going right to being the first to declare, reeks of strategic brilliance! It’s also a pretty smart move to make such a direct appeal to the evangelical base in his announcement. Evangelicals are folks in the party who the Jeb Bush types in the party don’t seem to get and many underestimate how important they are in selecting the next GOP nominee!

Get ready to hear, if you haven’t heard it already, the media, and I include the establishment’s favorite news network when I say this (Fox News), attempting to create narratives such as: he’s a bomb-thrower, he can’t get anything accomplished, he can’t work well with others, etc!

These will be common themes throughout this process! You will also hear that he’s a purist and one of the more common themes will be, especially if he starts winning some primaries and caucuses, is that he’s too conservative to win against Hillary and isn’t electable!

Get ready for these type of attacks and be prepared for the establishment to wage all out war against Cruz and what he represents to conservatives!

Another issue that will be brought up often is whether he’s eligible for the Presidency, considering that he was born outside the U.S. and at least one of his parents was not a U.S. citizen during the time of his birth. Cruz puts that allegation to bed by citing his Mother’s citizenship and citing federal law!

Watch his full speech below and just imagine what this country would be like to have another conservative as President!




By: Kelly R. Hubbard


About Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard is a long time O.C. Patriot/Conservative Activist who is known for his tough no non-sense vetting of candidates and diligent research on the issues of concern to Tea Partiers in Orange County and throughout the state. Kelly blogs on a whole range of national, state, and local political news, with an emphasis on elections and candidates. You can read many of Kelly's posts right here exclusively on O.C. Tea Party blog and we encourage you to share them with others.

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