Tim Donnelly: Is this new Constitutional right really just a right to trample on religious liberty?

More fall-out from yesterday’s tyrannical decision from the supreme beings on the nation’s highest court.

There are really no words in the english lexicon to express how disturbing it is to have an imperialistic court in the United States of America. It leaves me almost speechless to see my country turn down this new dark direction.

It leaves me completely without words to express witnessing our courts just ignore our constitution in such a flagrant way, with little or no real ability to reverse it.

What we are witnessing is total an complete tyranny and there is no way to sugar-coat such a thing or pretend as if what happened yesterday was anything other than full-blown activism. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool!

I cannot for the life of me understand why good Americans aren’t marching in the streets over this!

No matter what your moral views are on the issue of homosexuality or the redefinition of marriage, any reasonable American would have to admit that what happened yesterday was a total violation of state sovereignty and the tenth amendment.

Once again, the federal courts, specifically these five lawyers, have decided that states no longer have the right to amend their own constitutions as they see fit. State sovereignty and federalism is out the window!

What else is new from a court which has a long history of taking issues off the table for voters and the people’s representatives from individual states to decide for themselves! Of course, I don’t need to remind you that the 1973 decision of Roe vs. Wade was a clear example of that.

I think it is time to come to terms with the reality that we are no longer a free nation. If one lawyer, who just so happens to sit on our nation’s highest court, can wield such power and dictate to the entire country what his new definition of marriage is, how can we call ourselves a free constitutional republic?

I also don’t need to remind you of the total deterioration of our culture! It seems every time you turn around, at every instance, our traditions, our families, our moral customs, are all under assault in this country!

My question is where is the Church of Jesus Christ and why are good Americans sitting back and allowing their liberties to be taken away?

In the next few days, I will try to post more reaction of this dark week in America, specifically from the Presidential candidates. Read below!


By: Kelly R. Hubbard

About Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard is a long time O.C. Patriot/Conservative Activist who is known for his tough no non-sense vetting of candidates and diligent research on the issues of concern to Tea Partiers in Orange County and throughout the state. Kelly blogs on a whole range of national, state, and local political news, with an emphasis on elections and candidates. You can read many of Kelly's posts right here exclusively on O.C. Tea Party blog and we encourage you to share them with others.

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