Orange County is a Sanctuary County – “I say it’s time we start looking out for our own!”

This is a joke, and so are the traitors that take part in making exceptions  and rewarding illegals that break our laws.

[written by G. Trujillo]
So who’s looking out for the interest of us Californians / US citizens?  Again, our tax dollars are being used for the benefit of those people who should not be here. However, how can anyone blame the illegals for not wanting to come to our country, when states like California go out of their way to outline special entitlements, set up sanctuary cities and layout the red carpet for them.
I am Hispanic and am very proud of my heritage just like anyone else would be of theirs, however I am American first and I strongly feel that my government owes it to each one of its citizens to protect its borders and apply the  taxes collected for the necessities and interests of its citizens only; I repeat of its citizens and no one else.  I say that there should never be a politician elected to office that will agree to be part of a law that outlines special protections and benefits for those that violate our laws, no matter where they come from.
As for Jerry Brown and his fellow liberal democrats, their time should be spent proposing a plan to Washington that protects the interests of the American citizen; a plan that would once and for all demonstrate that they have our back; one which would explain :
1. How and when the border of adjoining states to Mexico will be closed.
2. How the US will approve and track visitors, along with those issued work permits.
3. Outline the actions to be taken should a person be found lacking legal documentation to be here.
4.  List the steps that will immediately be taken to identify who is here illegally.
5. Identify who needs to be returned immediately and how & when this will be enacted (criminals).
6. Make it known that no illegal here today or in the future qualifies to apply for any benefit / entitlement made available to a U.S citizen.
7. Make it also known that travel assistance will be provided to those wishing to return to their countries of origin.
8. Make it known to those electing to hide in the shadows and failing to be identified, that when caught will immediately be returned to their country, (Timeframe permitted per item 11 below will not apply).
9. Make it known to US businesses that a heavy price ( monetary and time in jail) will be paid if they knowingly hire someone who is here illegally.
10. I know that I will be criticized for this, but I feel that am being realistic.  I say those individuals that have been here illegally for 10 years or more and that can provide proof, and that have children that are considered American by birth, these parents can apply for legal status to be here.  But under no circumstance will they qualify to become a US citizen; this would only occur if they were to return to their home country and then apply through the normal channels. These individuals will additionally not qualify for any entitlements or be able to vote. (There must be some form of penalty applied.)
11. Those individuals not meeting above requirements will be given a timeframe to return to their home country.  Just as easy as it was for them to make the decision to break our laws and come here, it should be just as easy for them to return home to their families and where they’ve spent most of their lives; anyway most come here not to become citizens or to pledge allegiance to the US, but rather they come to take our jobs.
As for the Mexican Government:
12. The US needs to make it known that effective immediately fees will be tacked on to the costs of doing business with Mexico due to their failure to stop the tide of illegal crossings and these funds will be used to do the job that Mexico hasn’t done.
13.  Furthermore, if Mexico fails to demonstrate a willingness to stop the flow of illegals, the US companys currently operating in Mexico will be penalized and / or persuaded to return to their homeland.
14. That future trade agreements with Mexico will not move forward unless it contains provisions that will further beef up the controls for managing illegal immigration.
Though I am not a big advocate of The Donald, his recent comments regarding the criminal actions of many illegal immigrants, may have stirred up the pot enough to finally get some serious discussions going.
I say its time we start looking out for our own!
[This was an email response to me written by G. Trujillo a South Orange County resident in response to Jon Flieschman’s post for Breitbart California entitled, “7 Ways Jerry Brown and California Democrats Embraced Illegal Aliens.”] BreitbartCA-Logo


About Cathy Richardson

Cathy is the creator of OC Tea Party Blog and Co-Founder of South Orange County 912, a tea party group in Southern California, founded March 30, 2009. She is an advocate for American values and a return to the principles of our Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution. You can reach her here.

One Response to “Orange County is a Sanctuary County – “I say it’s time we start looking out for our own!””

  1. Susana Mayall says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I agree with you 100% and you can count on me for any endeavor.
    God bless,


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