New poll confirms what most conservatives have been telling the GOP all along on defending moral issues!

While most of the Republicans running for President have been too timid and too fearful to take a strong public stand against the Supreme Court’s lawless redefinition of the 6,000 year old institution of marriage, and while most of the party’s leadership are too cowardly to express their disgust at what happened, a vast majority of Americans had no problem weighing in on how they feel about these so-called social issues and the push by the Left to turn our country upside down morally!

As you probably have heard, a new Washington Post poll shows that a whopping 63% of Americans feel uncomfortable or strongly uncomfortable with this new definition of marriage and the casual destruction of human life by the pro-abortion lobby in this country.

That number is compared to only 35% feeling strongly comfortable or somewhat comfortable with the direction of the country on these issues.

If you look at the internals of this poll, you’ll find that Independents, the one block of voters that the GOP always claims cares the least about these issues, are actually strongly supportive of the conservative viewpoint on these things by a massive 68% majority.

Even more shocking, almost half of all Dems are uncomfortable with this new definition of marriage and the tearing down of our traditional American values.

Another constituency that the GOP always feels that have to walk on egg shells to appease, especially on the issue of abortion, is with female voters. This poll found that even more women than men, by a margin of 66% to 60%, are not at all on board with this anti-family agenda from the Left!


When I think of these massive numbers, I think of the many thousands of Americans who flooded into Chick-Fil-A stores throughout our nation in the Summer of 2012, protesting the Left’s assault on the CEO of that company for expressing his support for traditional marriage.

If you listen constantly to the media narrative, you would think that traditional values are only supported by a very thin minority of Americans and that most Americans believe otherwise. No matter how you look at this poll, these are huge numbers in support of traditional moral values and in opposition to the Left’s agenda!

There is no denying that liberals and Progressives have really bitten off more than they can chew on these moral issues, especially on the redefinition of marriage. However, we are told constantly how the public tide has dramatically turned in their favor. This polling data, which hardly comes from a conservative source, contradicts that mantra from the Left in a big way!

What is even more disturbing than the Left’s insistence that most Americans are with them on these issues, is to see the party of Reagan abandon these issues so quickly and buy into that lie!

I must say, it was beyond disappointing to see so many spineless, weak-kneed Republican candidates like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich, give such tepid responses to the lawless gay marriage ruling from one month ago! What cowards!

I call them the let’s move on crowd of Republicans! These folks are just content with moving-on politically and they were probably secretly glad that the Supreme Court ruled the way they did!

These are wimpy unprincipled folks who are too cowardly to express any kind of opposition to the Left on social issues, over the fear of ticking off voters who they perceive as being in favor of this new direction.

This poll just shows how wrong and foolish they are and it further confirms that the GOP’s surrender policy on issues of marriage, family, and abortion is a huge mistake!

I’ve been saying this ever since the Prop. 8 battle here in California! This cowardly approach from the GOP to these important issues, issues that most Americans share with the party platform, will lead to future electoral defeats and will only dispirit the base, a base that the party needs to grow and be successful!

The GOP’s push to nominate pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage candidates, like that Neel Kashkari guy from last year for Governor, will only turn-off the base and keep good Americans of all political persuasions from supporting Republicans!

The fact is these are not “wedge” issues and they are not issues that are too divisive to defend or talk about, as too many cowardly Republicans claim! In fact, these are the very issues that unite most Americans, whether you’re Independent, Democrat, or Republican!

Beware of any Republican candidate, running for any office, who refuses to support traditional marriage and who doesn’t think the Supreme Court acted lawlessly and unconstitutionally in their recent decision!

Also, beware of any candidate who doesn’t support a full defunding of Planned Parenthood and who doesn’t believe that abortion is the taking of a human life, with no exceptions!

The bottom line for these GOP candidates is what we’ve been saying for years and that is this: STOP RUNNING AWAY FROM THESE MORAL ISSUES!

The American people are on our side on these things, despite what the media, academia, and Hollywood tell us everyday! This new poll is further confirmation of that fact and when you think of the over 35 states across our country, in blue, purple, and red America, that voted to define marriage as between one man and one woman only, it further solidifies that point!

We as Christian conservatives need to demand that there will always be at least one political party out there that will stand on behalf of the family against this Leftist assault on our values and traditions!

If not, we need to produce a political party that will defend us and we need to have the courage and be willing to abandon the GOP if they continue to be weak in this area and in other areas! Read below!

By: Kelly R. Hubbard

About Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard is a long time O.C. Patriot/Conservative Activist who is known for his tough no non-sense vetting of candidates and diligent research on the issues of concern to Tea Partiers in Orange County and throughout the state. Kelly blogs on a whole range of national, state, and local political news, with an emphasis on elections and candidates. You can read many of Kelly's posts right here exclusively on O.C. Tea Party blog and we encourage you to share them with others.

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