Local Patriots protest Diocese of Orange over Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change.

On Saturday, August 8th, the Catholic Diocese of Orange held a presentation and community forum to promote Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical.  This event was part of a local and national marketing effort by the Catholic church to indoctrinate and convince millions of American Catholics of why they should support the Pope’s encyclical.  Many Catholics, like myself, see this encyclical as a political statement reaching far beyond the boundaries of Catholic doctrine.  Over 20 protesters lined up along Chapman Ave. at the entrance to Christ Cathedral to protest the event as well as the Pope’s climate change encyclical.


(You may remember this building. This was the late Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral of Garden Grove, which recently went bankrupt and is now owned by the local Catholic Church and the site of this weekend’s protest.)

Activists from Orange County, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire participated in the protest intended to expose the false and misleading premiss of “Climate Change” which has become the battle cry of the globalists, the progressive left and crony capitalist right, and basis for uber destructive legislation in California, AB32 (cap & trade) SB375  (Sustainable Development/Climate Change) and United Nations Agenda 21.  The activists were joined by frustrated and angry Catholics who are unhappy with the Pope’s involvement in a politically-motivated movement that they believe does not represent the tenants of the Church.


The purpose of the forum was billed as “a focus on the theology of the encyclical, the global impact of climate change on the poor, and to help build a scientific understanding of climate change and offer a context for how we can begin to address this seminal issue in our own lives and society.”   The forum included presentations by Sister Nadine McGuinness (St. Joseph Center-Orange),  Tony Strawa, PdD, Catholic Climate Change Ambassador and Joan Rosenhauer, Catholic Relef Services.

The event was attended by approximately 125 local Catholics and was video taped by one of the activists (see below).


Several concerned Catholics who attended were outraged by not only the content of the forum but also the indoctrination-like format.   In part one, by Sister Nadine came across like a hypnotic mind-manipulation filled with feel-good “love the earth” mantra.   Part two was a poorly constructed and patently false attempt to make the scientific case for climate change, which has been completely disproven and debunked.   Finally, part 3, by Joan Rosenhauer of Catholic Relief Services, flat out exposes the political extortion by the Pope and Catholic church to bully the U.S. into pushing for more of Obama’s aggressive Climate Change policy and to push the U.S. into giving billion of dollars to the United Nations to promote social justice.


Several devoted Catholics in attendance were shocked and ashamed that the Church and Pope Francis are promoting such unfounded politically-charged propaganda.  Furthermore, many were angry that there was no opportunity for question/answer.   Questions had to be submitted via question cards however the moderator made it clear that there would be “no discussion or debate” of the science!    To quote one of the attendees “the bishop’s job is to shepherd souls to their eternal salvation and the Pope’s job is even more solumn to the entire world.   What went on at this forum was NOT Catholic!”   One attendee became so enraged at the content and lack of questions that he stood up and shouted his disagreement.   The bishop did not return to the event for closing prayer, perhaps due to the protests and outrage that was quite apparent.

Full video:


Short video: (Angry attendee speaks out!)


(Another important video to watch.)


Cari Swan

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7 Responses to “Local Patriots protest Diocese of Orange over Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change.”

  1. They gave no science. They did not give any statistically significant differences in global temperatures. No t test, no F test, no Chi Square. Nothing. What they gave was subjective opinion. That’s like a snake oil salesman saying snake oil will cure all diseases known to man. That is subjective opinion. That is not objective science. If they want a science trial to prove the science they have, if they have any, I’m ready 24/7. My email is jamastropaolo@gmail.com.
    The Catholic Church must advocate the truth of the Gospels, not the utopian myths of progressive politics.

  2. bob1297 says:

    Just watched the video. This event was organized in typically facilitaded Agenda 21 style using the Delphi technique, where the appearance that all participants can have a word is given but in fact they can’t have any word there. The usage of question cards is a fingerprint of the Delphi technique. The speakers’ hypnotic tone is also carefully designed.

    I would say that the protesters’ behaviour is a good starter but appears spontaneous rather than designed. They seem to be unaware of the Delphi technique and how to intelligently handle it instead of causing disruption.

    Resisting the Delphi technique

    Also the books and lectures given by Rosa Koire on Agenda 21 and the Delphi technique are worthy to be studied to effectively resist this evil agenda.

  3. Dan B says:

    And the numbers of Catholic followers continues to dwindle. The Pope trying to show some initiative? Or trying to deflect the attention from all the scandalous activities that have occurred in the ranks of Catholic Priests? If anyone should understand, it is the Pope, that any account of weather change or shifting of seasons, or anything close to it, is of God’s making. Any differences in climate are part of nature, and nothing else. Add to that the short time of actual recording of weather trends (about 100 years), gives no one enough history to make claims of changes or trends (100 years vs. the earth being billions of years old). Very hard to understand the liberal appeal to the Pope (or anyone). I can only surmise that the liberal individuals have a pathetically boring life, and need (desperately) something to cling to. How very sad for them.

  4. John G. says:

    I was raised as a Catholic but no longer actively involved in the Catholic church which I believe has been infiltrated by the devil himself.

    How can the Pope and Bishop’s focus on climate change when the church and priests fail to speak out loudly against more pressing issues like the recent Supreme Court opinion on same-sex marriage, the recent Planned Parenthood disgusting sale of “baby parts” or the deceptions of the progressive left.

    There is a strong need for the Catholic leadership to lead and shine light on the ills of our society However, even more important, is saving the lost souls that sit in the pews as well and a lost liberalized society in need of morals and Christ.

    Bless the man who spoke out at this assembly. The message to save souls needs to get out to the leaders in the Church.


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