Why Trump is Leading!

Trump said, They’re rapists!

And they are. Not all of them. He never said that. But he was 100% right that illegal aliens, including many with prior felony convictions and previous deportations, are committing unspeakable sex crimes against America’s women and young children.

HORROR:13-year-old girl savagely gang-raped by 10 illegal aliens who cheered while waiting a turn



Previously-deported illegal alien from Mexico rapes child with Down’s syndrome

Illegal alien on probation rapes, beats 64-year-old woman with hammer

67-year-old woman raped by illegal alien in upstate New York

Mother of two repeatedly gang-raped for hours by illegal immigrants

1,000+ Texas children victims of illegal alien pedophiles in last 3 years

DNA links illegal alien to serial rape of women, young children

9-year-old Baltimore girl raped, sodomized by illegal immigrant from Ecuador

16-year-old girl in NY gang-raped by three illegal aliens from El Salvador

Illegal alien admits to raping, sodomizing 10-year-old girl in Alabama

8-year-old girl raped, strangled to death by illegal immigrant

Illegal alien arrested for kidnapping, attempted rape of 6-year-old girl

Illegal immigrant goes on rape, murder spree in Ohio

Illegal alien repeatedly rapes 13-year-old Florida girl

14-year-old Missouri girl raped by illegal immigrant

24-year-old Philadelphia doctor raped by previously-deported illegal immigrant

Illegal immigrant rapes deaf-mute woman in Florida

Illegal immigrant prime suspect in brutal rape of 9-year-old girl

Illegal aliens committed 500+ sexual assaults in North Carolina during January

Rape Deniers: Sanctuary cities release illegal alien rapists, child molesters


Why Trump Is Leading

By John Eidson | August 27, 2015

Who could possibly object to deporting illegal immigrants who commit rape?

I can think of someone. President Obama. In 2014, he released 36,007 illegal aliens, including ones who’d been convicted of rape, sodomy, homicide, kidnapping, armed robbery, home invasions, DUI deaths and drug dealing. Hiding behind a 2001 Supreme Court ruling that prohibits the indefinite detention of criminal aliens whose countries won’t take them back, Obama simply releases them back into American society, where they continue sexual predation on innocent U.S. women and innocent U.S. children.

What would Trump do differently? My guess is he’d tell the countries that don’t want their home-grown rapists returned to drop dead. Then, he’d airlift the rapists back to their home countries. If repatriation flights were refused permission to land, Trump would have the alien rapists helicoptered in from a U.S. Navy warship, or disembark them from a landing craft operated by United States Marines.

If a President Trump did that, every father, grandfather, uncle, husband, son and brother of U.S. women and children who would have been savagely violated by a Trump-deported predator would be eternally grateful for finally having a commander-in-chief who puts the safety of America’s women and children above the “rights” of illegal alien criminals, who, with the full knowledge and support of the Obama administration, are currently being released in droves by sanctuary states and cities run by Democrats.

For different reasons, Obama and Bush have given a wink-and-a-nod to U.S. immigration laws. Trump says he will aggressively guard the border. A lot of voters believe he’ll do just that, which is why he’s leading.


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