The insanity of the Tea Party to aid the CA GOP in changing their immigration platform! What were they thinking?

Many of you are probably aware of an e-mail that was sent out recently by a state-wide Tea Party organization that put a particular spin on their support for the California Republican Party’s new watered-down immigration plank and their role in helping it pass.

In the interest of truth and getting the word out, I wanted to give you my perspective on this, as I believe this new plank on immigration is a travesty and totally unacceptable!

As a Tea Party Californian myself and as someone who desires the GOP to return to their conservative principles again, I found it ridiculous that conservatives would even contemplate making these changes to their party platform, let alone vote for it’s passage!

For those who aren’t aware, allow me to provide some context: The state Republican Party held it’s Fall 2015 convention at the Anaheim Marriott exactly one week ago from this past Sunday. This was a three day event which featured at least one Presidential candidate, and had a multitude of meetings and functions, including strategy sessions on the upcoming 2016 election.


Even before this convention, proposals have been in the works to change certain aspects of the California Republican Party Platform.

As we all know, the platform of the Republican Party is a set of values and principles that every Republican candidate and politician should believe in and adhere to!

A party platform is a non-negotiable set of beliefs! Without the platform, the party is a meaningless organization that stands for nothing and has no real purpose of existing! The essence of who Republicans are and what they believe in is defined and laid out in their platform.

Efforts have been underway for the past several years by liberal forces in the party, instigated by the big business donor class and other special interest groups, to alter or change certain planks in the platform to conform with and cater to, as they would put it, changing times and a very liberal electorate.

What the state and national GOP always fails to realize however, is that by liberalizing the conservative platform, it only makes disaffected conservatives like myself, who’ve left the party because the party has become too liberal, less likely to ever come back home and be supportive of their candidates!

In their obsession to appeal to so-called Independents and Latino voters, in the process, the state GOP disses their own base, and by doing so, only ensures continued electoral defeats for many years to come! It’s just that simple!

If you’ve ever wondered why the state Republican party is at a pathetically low 27% in registrants, and is bleeding more conservatives everyday, you need to look no further than what took place last week! What happened that weekend is another example of a state political party that has lost it’s soul and is becoming more and more irrelevant!

I attended last week’s convention for a few hours on Saturday the 19th and volunteered at the Ted Cruz booth for a few hours on the last day of Sunday. As you can see below, it appeared to be a very productive and lively convention.

IMG_0931 IMG_0936

But what you can’t see in these photos is the main business being conducted behind closed doors in strategy sessions and committee meetings, which ultimately culminated in a drastic change to one particular plank on immigration. More about that in a moment!


As we all know, the current Republican party in California is controlled and influenced largely by the donors in the party and more specifically by the bow-tie wearing Billionaire Physicist and mega-donor Charles Munger Jr.!

Munger’s Father, Munger Senior, is Vice-Chairman of Warren Buffett’s company. Buffett, as everyone knows, is a big Democrat party supporter and formerly endorsed Hillary for President.

This Charles Munger Jr. was a former GOP Chairman of Santa Clara County and has managed to wield a tremendous amount of influence in recent years and is working hard to change the direction of the entire state GOP.

To say this guy is a powerhouse in the state GOP is an extreme understatement! Munger has been responsible for using his vast wealth, influence, and resources to help elect and promote liberal candidates and causes within the party. It has become increasingly obvious over the years that Munger wants to change the party in his own image.

Some of his efforts have been successful over the years and some have been failures, but no one can deny the control that he seemingly has on the direction of this party and on his agenda to defeat conservatives in this state.

Munger, like many of the donors and consultants in the party, wrongly believe the key to electoral success for the California Republican Party, a party that hasn’t seen a statewide victory since Schwarzenegger, is to make the GOP less principled and more liberal.

Munger jr

Their other main goal is to transform the GOP into an entity that is more beholden to those who fund it and those who benefit more by big government.

Munger and his crony establishment supporters have been itching for several years now to alter the platform and to change the language on many of the planks, particularly on immigration!

These plans to change the platform are intended to re-brand the GOP to become a more tone-sensitive political party!

Set in motion by another party boss from the Central Valley, a Trump hater by the name of Marcelino Valdez, the very conservative platform outlining the GOP’s values on immigration was rewritten to be more kindlier and gentler in it’s wording.

Thinking they’ll win more Latino votes this way, the party abandoned many of their strongly held principles laid out in the 2011 plank and went instead with a more politically correct re-worded plank! You can see this new plank for yourself below!

This Valdez guy, who was the main driver of this but was supported by the entire state party establishment, including Munger, was motivated to make these changes because of his dislike for Donald Trump’s recent statements on illegals. Statements, I might add, that have never been dis-proven or shown to be inaccurate!

Mr. Valdez echoed many of the things that the establishment has said about Trump: We’re painted in a light that is anti-immigrant. We are far from that….He (Trump) does not speak for me or my party.

Apparently, Mr. Valdez isn’t aware of Trump’s recent poll numbers because according to every poll that I have seen, Trump is speaking for a large segment of the very party that Valdez claims he doesn’t represent!

These changes on the platform were in the works and being planned for many days and weeks by party bosses like Valdez before the final vote to approve it by the delegates on Sunday the 20th.


With regard to other aspects of the state GOP platform, like on moral issues and abortion for example, slight changes were made and even some improvements over the previous platform, particularly on religious liberty issues.

This is a relief considering the efforts in the past several years by RINO’s and the Log Cabin folks to change the GOP’s stance on marriage and other related issues!

Regarding the change on immigration, I’ve listened to all the arguments for and against this new plank and I’ve heard from folks who say that the opportunity to stop this should have come much earlier in the process before it was approved by the platform committee on the 19th.

In my opinion, regardless of whether this thing could have been changed or stopped before hand or not, nothing at all obligated the voting delegates, many of whom were Tea Party members, to vote for it’s final passage and give their final stamp of approval to this RINO led effort!

Surprisingly, the Tea Party California Caucus, a confederation of Tea Party folks from throughout our state, supported the final passage of this new plank and is reported as urging their members on the floor to vote Yes on it through text messages. Read below!

Robert Jeffers, the TPCC’s Communications Director is quoted at the convention in Brietbart as follows: Today was a big win for conservatives…We proved a coordinated voice, working with party leadership, can defend our principles.

A win for conservatives? Really? I’ve listed below 10 points, some subtle and some not so subtle, how the plank on immigration has changed for the worse and is worded far more liberal than the previous plank, which as I said before was adopted four years ago! I’ll let you be the judge if you think this new plank is truly “a big win for conservatives!”

Here are just a few of the many things they changed: The term illegal aliens was removed and replaced with undocumented. The factually inaccurate phrase that a lot of pro-amnesty folks use: living in the shadows was inserted!

There is also no mention what so ever on enforcing our current law as it relates to employers or companies that knowingly hire illegals! Any mention of it from the 2011 platform was struck-out!

Also, apparently it was too controversial to express that our ballots and government documents should be printed in English! That portion was taken out as well, even though they kept the language that stated our official language in the U.S. should be English only! Of course how can anyone not see that this is a total contradiction?

I’ve listed all of these changes below! I’ve also pasted the old platform on immigration and this new one! I want to thank Robin Hvidston from We The People Rising, one of the leading voices in California on enforcing our immigration laws, for providing us with a copy of both platforms! I encourage you to look over those below!

Robin was also a delegate at the convention and I plan on posting her response to these changes and why she as a delegate decided to vote NO on this new plank in a future post!

Be sure to blow up the photo of both planks and decide for yourself which plank better articulates the values and principles of conservative Republicans on this important issue.

After reviewing this new softened platform and comparing it to the old one, I think you’ll agree with me that there was absolutely no reason to change it!

Jeffers also said how proud he and the others in the Tea Party were by working with party leadership!

Someone needs to remind Mr. Jeffers that capitulating and surrendering our conservative principles like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell do in Congress to appease Obama, is NOT the role of the Tea Party and is not what we should be doing!

The Tea Party should NOT be in the business of working with the GOP establishment on making the Republican party more liberal or altering the platform for PC reasons!

The purpose of the Tea Party, as most conservatives see it, is to get the GOP to adhere to the already existing platform and to promote the constitutional conservative principles outlined in it!

This is nuts and if this is the new direction of the grassroots Tea Party movement in California then count me out!

What would be so wrong if Mr. Jeffers and others stood on principle on this one and refused to vote in favor of this newly revised softened plank?

Shame on any Tea Party leader who encouraged his members to approve this new watered-down version! You know it is a defeat for conservatives when the establishment and the RINO’s who control the party are praising these changes!

Once again, I encourage you to read for yourself these changes below! To me, this new plank now reads like it was authored by Jeb Bush! In contrast, you would swear the old plank was authored by the likes of Ted Cruz!

To be extremely blunt, we are fools and idiots to participate in the emasculation, if you will, of this once great party, the party of Ronald Reagan!

For Tea Party folks to work with the Charles Munger and Marcelino Valdez’s of the establishment to liberalize our written values is disgraceful and it is not consistent with the independence that all Tea Partiers should have!

Remember folks, we are called the Tea Party for a reason and that reason isn’t to get in bed with the very folks who are destroying this party, not to mention destroying our country and growing government!

Donald Trump and the handful of outsiders who continue to climb in the polls are gaining ground precisely because of nonsense like this!

Good conservatives are outraged by things like this and more and more of them everyday are finding it harder and harder to support the party they once loved!

There is a reason that this upcoming Presidential nomination process is shaping up to be a total anti-establishment year and it goes far beyond dislike for Boehner and McConnell!

The establishment’s control over this party is a cancer that must be dealt with before conservatives can take-on any other important issues! This is so sad because if there ever was a time when we need a strong and assertive opposition party to Obama and the Dems it is right now! Yet, Republicans haven’t been this weak in decades!

For the GOP to water-down a perfectly good plank on this vital issue, when Americans have been killed by illegals, while our borders continue to be wide-open, and while this administration is attempting to unconstitutionally grant amnesty to millions of these folks, is reprehensible to me and totally unnecessary!

The whole idea that Republicans would re-evaluate their views on such an important issue, while so much of our arguments on illegal immigration are being borne out on the news everyday, is just totally crazy to me and it just demonstrates how much trouble this party is in!

If we’re winning the argument, why would it be necessary to take an action like this, especially in a state that is ground zero for this problem? To me, an action like this, justifies why many of us have left the Republican Party and it proves that this party is in some serious need of real reform!

As far as I’m concerned, there should be only one top priority and goal of the Tea Party movement from here on out! And contrary to what some California Tea Partiers may think, it is NOT to aid the establishment in neutering the GOP!

No, the Tea Party’s main goal should be to completely and thoroughly take-over the entire Republican party and rid the party of these forces who are destroying it! That goal should be above anything else, even above fighting the progressive left on the Democrat side!

If we can’t clean up our own house first and remove the progressives in our own party, how can conservatives have any credibility going after the Democrats and how can we effectively take-back our nation?

There should be nothing more important than to establish a brand new Republican party!

There are many calls for a third party movement, and I must say, I am sympathetic to many of those calls! However, before we travel down that long road, every effort should be first made to take over the existing GOP! As you may remember, Ronald Reagan said something very similar almost 40 years ago!

Until the Tea Party and conservatives everywhere make the rebuilding of the Republican party their top priority, the GOP will never be an effective opposition to the Democrats and their numbers will continue to decrease!

Surrendering and compromising our principles is never the answer, continuing to fight is!

Read the articles below, including the excellent piece that Daniel Horowitz wrote on the GOP in this state being essentially dead. He published this in Conservative Review shortly after the convention last week! Read below!


1.) The term illegal aliens was removed and replaced in two different areas with the term undocumented.”

2.) The liberal phrase “living in the shadows” was added. (Anyone who drives past a Home Depot or has gone to the DMV where these folks are issued Drivers Licenses knows how ridiculous and untrue that phrase is.)

3.) Removed from new platform: “… Allowing illegal immigrants to remain in California undermines the respect for the law.

4.) This phrase was also removed: “We call for the the cross-deputization of state and county law enforcement personal so that illegal aliens who are also criminals can be deported immediately upon completion of their sentences.” (Replaced with general statements about being against sanctuary cities.)

5.) New platform states: Republicans hold diverse views on this issue. (Defeats the purpose of a platform and signals disunity in the party by stating this. The whole idea of platform is to outline what all Republicans believe in and the values that we all share. This statement contridicts that.)

6.) A very watered down statement on assimilation! This was removed: We should grant citizenship only to those who embrace American values and culture. New immigrants should be required to learn english. (Also removed was the mention of employers to require their employees to learn english. New platform only talks about how immigrants should learn in english in a vague general sense)

7.) Removed any mention of government documents, including ballots, to be printed in english.

8.) As stated before, no mention of enforcing our laws against those who knowingly hire illegals. This was removed: There will be heavy monetary fines levied against employers and businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

9.) A Prop. 187 type portion of platform was removed: We call on the Federal Government to reimburse California for the costs of federally mandated immigration programs and federally mandated benefits to illegal aliens. Finally, we call for the termination of all federal and state benefits to illegal aliens other than emergency medical care.

10.) No real solid proposal to build a wall or border fence, or no specific proposal to seal our southern border. No mention to re-authrorize funding for the Republican passed border fence act from 2006. There is just vague references about the need to secure our border. (In fairness, the 2011 platform didn’t address this specifically either.)


old plank


New platform

By: Kelly R. Hubbard

About Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard is a long time O.C. Patriot/Conservative Activist who is known for his tough no non-sense vetting of candidates and diligent research on the issues of concern to Tea Partiers in Orange County and throughout the state. Kelly blogs on a whole range of national, state, and local political news, with an emphasis on elections and candidates. You can read many of Kelly's posts right here exclusively on O.C. Tea Party blog and we encourage you to share them with others.

One Response to “The insanity of the Tea Party to aid the CA GOP in changing their immigration platform! What were they thinking?”

  1. Sandy Haas says:

    Very discouraging. We have a Senate and House which we voted in to reverse the damage and nothing has been done! Now this? When is the GOP going to get the message. Why are these billionaires and or lobbyists allowed to dictate according to the vast money they donate? Technically, the very thing most Americans are angry and upset about? That’s why they are going w candidates that can’t be bought or won’t be sell outs! This is nothing less than corruption! There should be rules in the TeaParty against this power, control and manipulation by elitists! If they continue on this path their will be no GOP as they will destroy themselves from within just as we see America self destructing due to career politicians, lobbyists, corruption and greed! May God save America! We the People have been betrayed! But when we all go down. They will too!


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