The outrage of 91 House Republicans, including the entire O.C. GOP Congressional delegation, voting with the Dems to continue funding of PP, Iran, & Obamacare!

Outside of that horrific shooting in Oregon on Thursday, probably the most disturbing thing that took place this past week were the actions taken by House Republicans to continue funding the atrocities at Planned Butcherhood and the funding of many of the other agenda items of this lawless President, including giving billions to Iran and continued funding for Obamacare!

This “short-term” CR passed the House by a margin of 277 to 151 on Wednesday, with just about every Democrat voting in favor of it and 91 Republicans joining them.

In case you’re not aware, your own GOP Representatives here in O.C., including Dana Rohrabacher, Mimi Walters, Darrell Issa, and Ed Royce were among the 91 gutless Republicans who voted to continue the taxpayer subsidized butchery at these death facilities!

These Republicans were also responsible for funding Obama’s other main priorities, which include funding the insane Iran nuke deal and the continued funding for Obamacare!

Regarding Obamacare, I believe this is at least the tenth or eleventh budget, since the GOP took over the House back in 2010, which includes full funding for every aspect of that failed and unconstitutional law!

All of this continued funding despite the empty campaign promises by these clowns and the meaningless show votes that are all meant to convince us that they are committed to eliminating this President’s destructive agenda! Window dressing is something that the GOP has always been really good at, but underestimating our intelligence is something they need to work on!

Now you can clearly see why so many of us have such contempt for this party and for the deceptive politicians who are members of it!

It is for these very reasons why upwards of 70% of Republicans polled as of late demand new leadership from this Party and why Presidential candidates like Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson, all of whom have no political experience, are favored over more seasoned GOP politicians. It is also why good conservatives, like you and I, are fleeing this Party in droves!

Americans are sick and tired of this garbage! Not only did our local Reps join 87 other liars and cowards in the GOP caucus to fund Obama’s agenda, but they also joined nearly all of the Dems as well!

As Ted Cruz pointed out, Boehner was determined to strike this deal with Pelosi on his way out, knowing full-well that if he hadn’t announced his retirement, he would have been ousted by the remaining conservatives in the House!

Of course, like most of you, I am totally outraged and filled with contempt over this news, but a part of me isn’t that surprised! Last week, I called Dana Rohrabacher’s Washington office just prior to his despicable vote on Wednesday.

Congressman Rohrabacher, who, as we all know, represents a large swath of coastal Orange County and is one of four GOP Congressmen in our immediate area, was not there to speak, so I was forced to vent to one of his staffers instead.


During this phone call, I urged the Congressman, through his staffer, to use the Constitutional authority that was given to the House of Representatives for times just like this!

That authority as we all know has been commonly referred to as “the power of the purse” and is clearly spelled out in Article 1, Section 9 of our U.S. Constitution.

In Federalist No. 58, James Madison called the power of the purse “the most complete and effective weapon” that the People’s Representatives can use in times like this.

Remember, Congress doesn’t just have the authority to spend money to run the government, but they can use that same authority to limit spending and to halt appropriations to an out-of-control Executive! It is their duty to do so and that is why our Founders gave them that power!

During this phone call, Rohrabacher’s snarky and condescending staffer spent almost the entire conversation arguing with me on, among other things, how the Constitution doesn’t exactly use the phrase “power of the purse” and therefore, since that precise phrase isn’t mentioned, I was to conclude that somehow that authority really doesn’t exist!

This jerk also made the ridiculous and downright laughable claim that Republicans only won those historic majorities last year, which included taking over the Senate and firing Harry Reid as Majority Leader, because they backed down from fighting the last budget battle! Apparently to this clown, sticking your tail between your legs and crawling in the corner in a fetal position, as GOP Congressmen always do, is the kind of behavior that is rewarded by the American people!

This staffer was both rude and unprofessional and if what he was saying was any indication of Dana’s intentions all along on this issue, then I was just simply wasting my time on the phone that day!

Now, let me just preface this by saying that I am well aware of the politics of this situation! I know that Dana Rohrabacher will likely finally retire either next year or in 2018. I realize that he and his allies in the GOP establishment seek as his replacement either Michele Steel, who currently represents an overlapping district on the Board of Supervisors, or to a much lesser extent, Travis Allen, who represents an overlapping Assembly district.

D. Rohrabacher

I realize how the game is played and I know that Dana feels like he has nothing to lose politically by ticking-off his constituents and voting to fund Obama’s priorities, seeing that he probably won’t have to face the voters after the end of this term or perhaps the next!

However, putting politics aside, this man is also a Father to three very young children. How could he in good conscience vote to continue tax payer subsidies to an organization whose sole purpose is to destroy the lives of young children? Not just Dana, but how can any of these folks sleep at night?

This isn’t the first time that our local House Republicans have caved and betrayed our trust! If you remember, all except one of these clowns voted last December for that huge pork-filled Cromnibus spending bill! Plus, everyone of them has voted time again for debt ceiling increases and to re-elect the weak-kneed John Boehner for Speaker!

Our local House Reps., like most of these clowns in Congress, are useless and have demonstrated time and again that they are not interested in doing the will of the American people!

What I’m about to say may sound a bit harsh, but as far as I’m concerned, I have written these folks off completely and I consider myself, from this moment forward, without Congressional Representation! At this point, I’d rather have NO representation in Congress than to have these do-nothing timid fools represent my interests!

There are absolutely NO more excuses for these folks! As far as I’m concerned and I am completely done with them, having no further interest in wasting my precious vote to re-elect these gutless fools in any more future elections!

I am done playing the game that these RINO’s always want us to play and that game is having us over a barrel, convincing us that by not voting for them we are somehow making it easier for a Dem candidate to win!

As far as I’m concerned, there are no noticeable differences between a liberal Democrat and a Dana Rohrabacher or a Mimi Walters!

Speaking of Mimi Walters, who, as many of you know, represents Orange County’s 45th district, this woman has already started straight out the gate with a pathetically low 38% score from Conservative Review! That score is only 3% higher than John Boehner’s! 38% is the grade equivalent of an F minus and this woman hasn’t even served one full term yet!

Mimi Walters

A Congressman’s voting record and the substantive actions that they take on important issues, speak louder than campaign rhetoric and sweetly-worded press releases. In terms of actions and their voting record, both our Republican Reps and any Democrat you want to point to, have voted time and again to fund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare with our money! Many of them are also pro-amnesty, just like the Dems!

Given these realities, why is it heresy for those of us to suggest that, in order to teach the GOP a tough lesson, it might be better for some of them to lose their seats to a Dem, than to continue this charade any longer?

Sometimes it is necessary to swallow bitter pills from time to time in order to save our country and to save this broken Republican Party in the long run! Just a thought and I bet I’m not alone in that observation!

Our GOP Reps claimed shock and awe at the butchery described and detailed in those videos, but yet they couldn’t bring themselves to exercise their Constitutional authority to stop it! Never forget, that is our hard earned money folks going to these Mengele-stlye death centers!

I’ve pasted below Dana Rohrabacher’s recent appearance on the disgusting Bill Maher show. Putting aside why Dana would appear on a late-night television program that just bashes conservatives all of the time, I found it interesting that he didn’t really give the most compelling or the strongest argument against PP, or why taxpayer money shouldn’t be going to them! I will say that at least he did admit that those videos were horrifying! Watch it for yourself below!

If Dana and the others claim to be outraged and disgusted by these videos, as all folks with a conscience do, then why not use every Constitutional tool under your authority to stop it and to halt this private entity from receiving taxpayer money?

The one thing that we should never forget about Planned Butcherhood is that they are not an arm of the federal government, they are a private entity! A private organization that makes it’s money off of the destruction of human life has no business Constitutionally or morally being partially funded by taxpayers!


Planned Butcherhood is a private special interest lobbying group, that just so happens to also be the number one killer of babies in our nation, and has been for years!

What would have been so wrong to send a bill to this President that funds every aspect of this federal government, but excludes funding to this one private organization?


Would it have killed the GOP to make an argument to the American people that Obama would be the one shutting down the government, not Republicans, if he chose to veto their spending bill?

Furthermore, are they that bad at messaging and communicating that they couldn’t explain to the American people that only those portions of the government that would be affected in a shut-down scenario would be the NON-essential services of government, such as national parks, memorials, etc.? And of those who would be affected, like Park Rangers for example, they would receive retroactive pay at the end?

Would these and many other arguments be too difficult for the GOP to make? Are they that weak and incompetent that they can’t make simple common-sense arguments to explain the position of Republicans?

One would think that out of all the important issues today that merits a full-throated fight by the GOP, it is this one! Think about it? Your Republican Congress can’t even lift a finger for innocent human beings who are being slaughtered and pieces of them sold on the black market for profit, but they apparently can work their tails off to help pass the export-import bank re-authorization or the pork-filled Cromnibus spending bill!

Apparently, those priorities are worth fighting for, but our tax dollars going to such atrocities is not a serious enough issue to warrant a fight!

Is this what the GOP has really become? Has the party of Ronald Reagan really become this gutless and without principle? Is it any wonder why millions of conservatives stay home during Presidential elections, as was the case in 2012?

Any conservative with a conscience cannot possibly be okay with this and why is anyone a registered member of this Party after Wednesday’s funding vote?

At least the Democrats are open and honest about their progressive views and are willing to go to the mat to continue these evils! With every fiber of my being I am vehemently against everything they stand for, but I respect them for being honest about what they believe in and being willing to fight for their twisted convictions!

The GOP on the other hand, is too timid to even utter fighting words, let alone be willing to take a stand on an issue that we’ve begged them for years to take a stand on!

How embarrassing is it at this point for Republicans to be this impotent in the face of this kind of evil? Whatever happened to the Party that stood solidly on the principles of Faith, Family, Life and Liberty?

A baby

Career Republican Politicians like Dana Rohrabacher, Ed Royce and the others talk a good game on television shows and in front of microphones, but I’m afraid talk is very cheap!

When the opportunity arose to protect the tax payers on this, not to mention the innocent babies, Dana and the others blew it and looked the other way!

There are absolutely no more excuses for a Republican led majority to not use the enormous powers that the Constitution has granted them on issues this important!

Furthermore, where are those voices of reason on such issues? Outside of Ted Cruz, out of all these members in Congress, who has led on this matter? Who?? It certainly isn’t Dana Rohrabacher, who is too busy these days advocating for legalized pot on vulgar late night HBO shows!

By the way, if you plan on attending one of these town hall or tea party meetings hosted by these cowardly Republicans, you’re going to hear excuses as to why they couldn’t use the power of the purse to defund this private criminal organization!

They will make up pathetic excuses such as the tired old line that they would get blamed for a shut down, etc.! Also, they’ll probably begin their meetings by telling you what a wonderful pro-life leader they’ve been over the years and how they’ve voted for life time and again in Congress!

I can read these phonies like a book and I can predict almost exactly the kind of non-sense that will come out of their mouths!

If you can even bring yourself to attend one of these town halls, it might be a good idea to confront them with their promises and compare it with how they just voted! You might want to also make it clear, as I would, that you are fed-up with them and don’t forget to announce, before a packed room, that you will no longer support any of their re-election efforts!

I realize that many of you have been very generous with your time and money over the years to these people, but I think it is way past time to drop that kind of loyalty in the face of this despicable vote!

In the interest of taking back your country and advocating for those who can’t speak, it is time to abandon folks like Dana Rohrabacher because they chose first to abandon their conservative principles!

Please don’t allow these politicians to whine and complain to you about their jobs being too difficult and why it was just too hard for them to exercise true leadership! Also, don’t let these folks tell you that they need the Presidency to be effective!

As we all remember during campaign season, the common excuse at that time from these folks was that they only controlled one half of one third of Congress and that if we only gave them the Senate, things would change! Remind them that we gave them the Senate, as they requested, and now they are coming up with another dog ate my homework excuse about needing the Presidency too!

Speaking of that lame excuse, are they seriously trying to tell us that Congress can no longer be an effective check to the other branches unless the same party occupies the White House? So, Congress is a complete impotent and powerless body unless it runs the Executive branch as well? What? Are they serious? Where does it say that in the Constitution?

As I’ve said before, It is way past time to write these folks off completely and anyone who still remains a loyal supporter of these RINO’s is, as far as I’m concerned, just a cult-follower worshipping at the alter of the Republican Party!

While some of you will stand by Dana and these other so-called Reps, I choose to stand with the ones who have no voice like the millions of babies that Dana and the other phonies refused to help! That is a special interest group that no one seems to care about!

Just to put this outrage in perspective, do you realize, as Conservative Review points out below, that by the end of this so-called short-term funding measure, which apparently expires on December 11th, Planned Butcherhood will have killed already 70,000 babies?!

Let me repeat that and please let it sink in! Planned Butcherhood will have butchered 70,000 innocent beautiful babies by the end of this temporary funding measure that these cowardly Republicans just joined the Dems in voting for! If that doesn’t make your stomach turn and make you heart sick, then I don’t think you’re a human being with a soul!

Dana Rohrabacher, who shockingly has an 80% score from Conservative Review, at least he did before this vote, and Mimi Walters, Darrell Issa, and Ed Royce will all have to answer one day to a much higher authority for putting politics and fear above principle and leadership! Shame on them!

If funding Planned Buthcherhood isn’t horrible enough, these Republicans have also funded a potential future nuclear holocaust through Obama’s nuke deal!

If you’re a loyal member of the Republican Party, take a step back for a moment and take a look at what you have to be proud of!

Your Party controls the entire legislative branch of the federal government, and all the enormous powers under the Constitution that entails, yet your Party just voted with the Dems to continue funding ALL of Obama’s agenda items!

Those items include once again a half a billion to a private organization that kills innocent human beings and sells their body parts, and the funding for Obama’s Iran Nuke deal, which essentially builds a bomb that will be used against us and Israel one day!

This is also the 6th year in a row that they’ve continued funding for Obamacare, despite repeated defunding promises every election year! In addition, had the courts not halted it earlier, you would also be funding Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty!

To make matters much worse, your weak and incompetent old Speaker is about to be replaced with his number two yes-man, so you have many more years of ineffective leadership to look forward to in Congress!

Some of you must be awfully proud of your political Party! All of that and I haven’t even begun to mention what happened two weeks ago here in California with our own state GOP emasculating the platform on immigration and sadly many conservatives aiding them in that effort!

There is so much to be proud of as a loyal Republican Party follower and sheep! It must make many of you feel a sense of belonging and purpose being a member of such a respected and principled organization!

Too bad 70,000 lives will never have the chance to become Republicans like many of you because 91 other Republicans decided to vote with the Dems to help fund their deaths!

I’m not in the business of surgar-coating what went on last Wednesday! I’m in the business of telling you the truth and this is the God’s-honest truth! How could any of us be okay with this? Read and watch below!

By: Kelly R. Hubbard

About Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard is a long time O.C. Patriot/Conservative Activist who is known for his tough no non-sense vetting of candidates and diligent research on the issues of concern to Tea Partiers in Orange County and throughout the state. Kelly blogs on a whole range of national, state, and local political news, with an emphasis on elections and candidates. You can read many of Kelly's posts right here exclusively on O.C. Tea Party blog and we encourage you to share them with others.

4 Responses to “The outrage of 91 House Republicans, including the entire O.C. GOP Congressional delegation, voting with the Dems to continue funding of PP, Iran, & Obamacare!”

  1. Why not call it what it is? Abortion is infanticide.
    Retailing infanticide is cannibalism butchery.
    Call it what it is.

  2. Kelly says:

    Since I wrote this post, Congressman Rohrabacher has responded through Twitter attempting to cover himself by saying that he voted for a separate rider to this bill that defunded PP. What he doesn’t tell you is that rider was another symbolic show vote that had no chance of passing in the Senate and had no teeth to it! The Conservative Review piece explains below! The bottom line is that the only effective means of truly defunding PP would be to remove funding from the CR completely! Removing funding from the budget is the only way to really defund it! Mr. Rohrabacher voted for funding of PP by voting for the CR with funding in it! That is the bottom line! I strongly encourage folks to read the piece below and check out the Twiiter exchange that I’ve been having with him pretty much the whole day!: @OCTeaPartyBlog

  3. Philip Hughes says:

    I think it is time to identify a true conservative to challenge Mimi Walters in a Republican primary. There is no need to roll over and let a Dem get elected. She now has a record for which she can be held accountable. Since the blog, Walters has voted for the IM/EX Bank, and the 2 year budget deal. She has shown her true colors as a RINO and is vulnerable for replacement given the right candidate.


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