(VIDEO): Ted Cruz: “On issue, after issue, after issue, Donald’s positions are identical to Hillary’s!” TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT!

One very simple but yet very important question that Super Tuesday voters and all conservative voters need to be asking themselves is: Why would we nominate someone as our supposed standard bearer in our party who holds the same identical positions as the Democrats that we’ll be going up against in the general, namely Clinton or Sanders?

It’s totally absurd and foolish to think that you’re going to beat a Democrat with another Democrat! Haven’t we’ve seen this movie before, over and over again? Seriously, when is the Republican party ever going to learn its lesson and stop nominating RINO’s who later go on to lose?

One would think that by this time, after all these years, the GOP would grow a brain and stop picking candidates who have more in common with our political enemies than they do with the very base that nominated them! Hello!!! Are we seriously that stupid and insane?

History has clearly shown us over and over again, that nominating RINO’s is never a good idea and never leads to success! Donald Trump, if God-forbid that charlatan becomes our nominee, would join the long list of RINO losers, from Ford in the 70’s, to Dole in the 90’s, to McCain and Romney more recently, who ended up being total disasters, even though we were sold the argument that these folks would be more electable because of their so-called moderate views!

In reality, these RINO’s couldn’t even get their own base to show up at the polls for them when it counted, and the consequences of that were a few individuals who got elected named Carter, Clinton, and Obama!

Donald Trump would no doubt be the very worst of these RINO’s! Not only is the man as progressive as Hillary and Obama on so many issues, from healthcare, to amnesty, to taxing the rich, to disrespecting private property rights, to using government to prop-up big business elites and corporations, but he would also be just as tyrannical and would likely use his enormous power and influence to crush his enemies and get even with those who he perceives as a threat to him personally!

Donald Trump has shown us, in just the short time during this campaign, that he is capable and willing to do such things! This is a dangerous man who has clear tyrant tendencies and would likely have an enemies list as President!

How scary it would be to nominate and later elect someone who doesn’t appear to have any boundaries of self control and would get even with his enemies at the drop of a hat if he thought he could get away with it!

This is a very frightening individual who has no business being this close to receiving the nomination in the party of Ronald Reagan!

Conservatives on Super Tuesday and in future contests better think long and hard before electing a man who not only behaves in such an unstable and unPresidential way, but has clearly shown us to have many of the same views as the very Democrat opposition that we’ll be going up against! To be very blunt, we as conservatives would be fools and idiots to nominate someone like this!

I will close by reminding us all of the definition of a nominee. A nominee for President in the Republican party is suppose to be an individual who shares the values and the views of those in the party and specifically shares the positions outlined in our party platform! In short, that nominee is to represent who we are as Republicans!

Donald Trump, who was a liberal Democrat most of his life and gave money to liberal Democrats most of his business career, has absolutely NOTHING in common with our party platform, nor does he share any of our values as conservatives! How could we possibly nominate someone who holds such wildly contrary positions and who has donated heavily to our opposition for so many years?

As I’ve said before and I’m not shy about saying again, we will deserve to lose to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders if we are so incredibly foolish as to nominate someone like this!

Also, it’s worth mentioning, this guy would never get elected in a general to begin with! Hillary or Sanders would likely destroy him! Remember, Trump’s unfavorable rating is the highest of any candidate at any time since Gallup starting doing favorable surveys! Plus, almost every poll consistently shows this guy losing to Hillary by big margins! Interestingly enough, Ted Cruz on the other hand beats Hillary consistently in the polls!

Folks, this is a no-brainer! Let’s get behind the only consistent conservative in this race who actually can beat Hillary in the general election, and unlike Trump, doesn’t share any of her liberal values or progressive views!

Let’s go with the only candidate in this race who shares 100% of our conservative principles and can truly be called our standard bearer!

Let’s get behind the guy who didn’t have Hillary at his wedding and who doesn’t have a history for decades of donating to radical liberal Democrats, and who until recently was a Democrat himself!

Let’s go with an authentic conservative who will provide the starkest of all contrasts between himself and whoever the Dems decide to put up! TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT! Watch Hannity’s recent interview with Cruz below from the Super Tuesday state of Tennessee! Please share with others!


SPARTANBURG, SC - APRIL 3: Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz answers questions from local media following a town hall meeting at the Beacon Drive-in restaurant on April 3, 2015 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The Beacon Drive-in, traditionally a popular venue for campaigning politicians, was Cruz's 2nd stop of the day in South Carolina. (Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty Images)


By: Kelly R. Hubbard

About Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard is a long time O.C. Patriot/Conservative Activist who is known for his tough no non-sense vetting of candidates and diligent research on the issues of concern to Tea Partiers in Orange County and throughout the state. Kelly blogs on a whole range of national, state, and local political news, with an emphasis on elections and candidates. You can read many of Kelly's posts right here exclusively on O.C. Tea Party blog and we encourage you to share them with others.

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