Deborah Pauly’s Picks – Nov. 2014

I tried to stay in my area for the most part, with few exceptions. If there is a particular race in your area where you’d like my opinion, write to me and I’ll try to get you the best guidance possible. VOTE!



GOVERNOR – (No recommendation)
Although I do agree with our Republican nominee that the dollars being wasted on Brown’s bullet train would be better spent on water infrastructure.
LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR – (No recommendation)
CONTROLLER – (No recommendation)
TREASURER – Greg Conlon
ATTORNEY GENERAL – (No recommendation)
Our Republican nominee is advocating for recreational use of marijuana. California has enough problems without trying to emulate Colorado’s Rocky Mountain High fiasco!
Board of Equalization 4th District – (No recommendation)
Diane Harkey is clearly the most qualified for this office, but I will refer you to Nancy Sandoval’s write-up and let you decide.
United States Representative, 45th District – Mimi Walters
State Assembly, 68th District – Don Wagner
The best direction for these Judicial offices comes from Conservative Craig Huey’s Election Forum. These are YES or NO votes

Goodwin Liu.……..…………….NO
Mariano-Florintino Cuellar…..NO
Kathryn Mickle Werdegar .…YES
Terry B. O’Rourke…………….YES
Gilbert Nares……….……..……YES
Alex C. McDonald……………YES
James A. McIntyre……………YES
Thomas E. Hollenhorst …..…YES
Kathleen E. O’Leary………….NO
William F. Rylaarsdam………YES
Richard M. Aronson…………YES
David A. Thompson…………YES
Richard D. Fybel …………….NO

Judge of the Superior Court, Office 14 – Kevin Haskins
Superintendent of Public Instruction – Marshall Tuck
Both are Democrats. I give Tuck the edge because he’s more positively disposed toward charter schools, which generally are more efficiently run with the same taxpayer dollars than your traditional public school site.
Orange Unified School District, Area 4 – Brian Harrington
Orange Unified School District, Area 5 – Tim Surridge
I am furious with Surridge on a number of issues, including the shenanigans with the Peralta site, but pro-union attorney Hoffman would be an absolute nightmare. Surridge is the lesser of two evils.
Orange Unified School District, Area 7 – Rick Ledesma
Again, I am disappointed that a conservative trustee would float an outrageous $296-million bond instead of finding a more fiscally prudent approach to maintaining and modernizing our schools. However, he is still the best choice.
Orange County Board of Supervisors – Robert Ming
I include this for my friends in the 5th District; many of you will not see this on your ballot.
Orange County Assessor – Claude Parrish
This is a recommendation I can make whole-heartedly!
City of Villa Park, Councilmembers – Vote for NO MORE than 3
Early in the campaign season, I endorsed:
Bill Nelson (also endorsed by the OC Register)
Robert Collacott (also endorsed by the OC Register)
Stephen Miller
I am also very impressed by Karl Kreutziger.
Any of these would be approachable, diligent and thoughtful representatives.
City of Anaheim, Mayor – Tom Tait
This is an honorable man, who has done an honorable job of looking out for the taxpayers of Anaheim under very challenging conditions.
Serrano Water District, Division 1 – Rich Freschi
Rich knows water and he’s well-connected in the broader water industry to help us get things done. There really is no contest here for who is the best prepared to solve challenges that may be in SWD’s future.
Proposition 1 – NO
Almost everything you need to know about this proposed $7.2-billion water bond is in the cost estimates box on page 6 of your Supplemental Voter Guide.
We’ll be adding annual state bond debt of $360-million every year for the next 40 years. That equates to $14,400,000,000! Ask yourself one simple question: Are you willing to lay $14.4-billion in debt on future generations for the $2.7-billion of admittedly needed water storage projects? How clever of our state to float this during the third year of a drought! Passing a bond, will not make it rain. I agree with Kashkari: kill the bullet train and put those resources toward critical water infrastructure. NO! NO! NO!
Proposition 2 – NO
A “rainy day fund” sounds like a good idea, even though California has implemented this before with negligible results. There is just one big problem hidden in the “incidental” provisions. It has to do with school funding and reserves. There will be a cap on how much money a school district can retain in its own reserves and very likely the state will go in and “raid” those fiscally responsible school districts that are building up reserves for some future useful purpose….like modernizing schools. Aren’t our schools struggling enough already?
Proposition 45 – NO
This requires the approval of one elected official, the Insurance Commissioner, for any health insurance rate changes. Too much power for one elected official.
Proposition 46 – NO
This requires drug testing of doctors. That sounds reasonable, but really it’s about increasing cap for pain and suffering in lawsuits and the amount of money attorney’s can make. It’s a money grab by trial lawyers and they are the only ones who will win if this passes.
Proposition 47 – NO
In an effort to save money and clear out overcrowded prisons, Prop 47 would reduce penalties for nonviolent crimes and releases convicted felons onto our streets. We’re already seeing an “uptick” in nonviolent crimes (property crimes, residential burglaries, auto theft) as a result of early release.
Proposition 48 – NO
I’ve read several analyses of Prop 48. I agree with long-time, government guru and conservative political science pundit Barbara Stone: “This is a referendum that reflects a fight between at least two Indian tribes. A “Yes” vote would approve a compact between the state and North Folk tribe that permits the tribe to build a casino in Madera, many miles from their reservation but in a much better location on Highway 99. A “No” vote would nullify the compact. The “No” side seems to be financed by another tribe or tribes, so this gets into all sorts of complicated intertribal relationships. As a voter, I don’t think I need to adjudicate the conflicting tribal claims. Indian gaming has indeed brought wealth to many tribes, much of which they have spent on lavish political donations. In each case with which I am familiar, the casinos are run by large gambling conglomerates such as Harrah’s; thus money comes to the tribe but with no particular building of skills or expertise. Above all, the original case was made for enterprises on traditional Indian lands. If this compact is approved, you have a model of permitting Indian tribes to buy land anywhere and put up casinos that would be illegal if any other party were doing it. It breaks the original promise and serves no useful public need.”

Orange County Measure E – NO
Turning to the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission to oversee ethics in Orange County is just a joke.
Orange County Measure G – YES
If you read the analysis and supporting argument, it is clear that Measure G is clean-up to the county’s existing charter and better ensures that voters retain the right to elect who will represent their district in the event that a seat becomes vacant before the supervisor’s term has ended.
Orange Unified School District Measure K – NO! NO! NO!
If Measure K passes, most of the increased commercial and residential property taxes we will pay for the next 30 to 40-years will go toward paying the interest on this outrageous $296-million school bond scheme.
Get the facts:
Villa Park Measure II – NO!
We live in a high-hazard fire zone. Like it or not, we have gang and criminal activity in Villa Park. Our city is the only one east of the 55 that is literally playing with fire by allowing sale and use of fireworks within our borders. Residents have valid concerns that our city’s singular location among east county cities that permit fireworks parties by nonresidents becomes an attraction for troublemakers. It invites them to case our city and homes for other illegal activity at some future date. It takes so very little to spark a fire in this area. The Santiago Canyon Fire a couple of weeks ago was started by the sun and high heat hitting metal sheeting a resident had placed around their vegetable garden. Remember the 2008 freeway fire that covered Villa Park with dense smoke and falling ash and had everyone on high alert incase winds whipped embers into the city. It burned 30,000 acres and destroyed 190 homes. It was started by a spark from a catalytic converter. Why would we purposefully place our city at risk?

Deborah Pauly
councilwoman, City of Villa Park
Elected Member, Central Committee
Republican Party of Orange County
for the 68th Assembly District

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Twitter: @YnotDebPauly

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