Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s November 2014 Voter Guide.

November 2014 Voter Guide

October 21, 2014
Fellow Californians,

As you already know, the November 4th election is only two weeks away, and is crucial to the future of our state and our nation. For far too long, California has been ruled by a supermajority of Marxist progressives and Californians have suffered under their oppression. This year voters have a golden opportunity to throw off the yoke of their destructive policies.

My ballot recommendation ONLY cover races and issues that I think are important for one of the following reasons: Some of these races I consider to be crucial in securing the election of true Patriots; others are significant in returning leaders of courage, and lastly some are of strictly strategic importance. As you will see, not every race is listed, but the following candidates I believe deserve your vote and if possible, your help in getting elected on November 4th.


Tim Donnelly

33rd Assemblyman

Note: In races where the person running as a Republican is so far behind, that they have no chance of winning or there is no indication that their election would make any substantive difference, I have elected to make No Recommendation. You, of course, are free to make a choice or vote None of the Above by leaving it blank.

Statewide Ballot Propositions

Prop 1: No. This proposition is better than the one previously passed, but it is so laden with pork and political payoffs to the enviro-extremists that we wind up paying $14.5 Billion (when you include the interest over 40 years) for $2.7 Billion in water storage funding. There’s no guarantee that they will finish Temperance Flats or Sites Reservoir, and there is language that concern some experts about the possibility of the future removal of Klamath River Dam. Wasting money on bike paths in San Diego and sand dune restoration in Pismo Beach has nothing to do with water storage or conveyance, and shouldn’t be stealing scarce dollars from critically needed water infrastructure.

Prop 2: Yes. Anything that restrains or slows down politicians from spending our money, I’m for! Say yes to the rainy day fund.

Prop 45: No! The last thing in the world we need is to put more power in the hands of the Insurance Commissioner. This is a blatant power grab that would give the insurance commissioner sole authority to implement ObamaCare instead of an independent commission.

Prop 46: No. No need to punish good doctors for the behavior of a handful of bad apples. This will increase the cost of healthcare and make trial lawyers even richer.

Prop 47: No. This bill seeks to address prison overcrowding, and while I favor it’s intent, and even some of it’s provisions, instead of sticking with low-level drug offenses, this bill would allow potential rapists (in possession of date-rape drug) and forgers be charged as misdemeanors.

Prop 48: No recommendation


Governor: No Recommendation

Lieutenant Governor: No Recommendation

Secretary of State: Pete Peterson. His opponent, Alex Padilla has always championed bills that would weaken the integrity of our vote, and if he’s put in charge of overseeing elections, fraud will run rampant. Peterson has a passion to root out fraud, establish a statewide voter database that can be crosschecked to eliminate deceased and ineligible voters, and will work hard to safeguard our vote.

Controller: Ashley Swearengin. Although I don’t agree with her stance on High Speed rail (and a host of other issues), she’ll have little or no control over it’s fate since the Governor will most likely be re-elected, and he’s made it his legacy project. It would be a HUGE victory for small business owners—and believe me if you’ve had to deal with the BOE, you know what a hassle it can be–having a fiscal conservative be the 3rd and DECIDING VOTE on the Board of Equalization.

Treasurer: No Recommendation

Attorney General: No Recommendation

Insurance Commissioner: Ted Gaines: It would be significant to have a conservative and an opponent of ObamaCare helping with it’s implementation (so that as to do the least harm) and a business owner working on reforming worker’s comp.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Write in Lydia Gutierrez

Board of Equalization

District 2: George Runner. He has been consistent in his fight for rights of taxpayers particularly on the illegal Fire tax, and is a crucial vote on the BOE.

District 4: Diane Harkey. She is a smart, conservative businesswoman whom I have seen first-hand in the Assembly to be one of the most effective opponents of the High Speed rail and one of the most passionate proponents of the rights of the individual taxpayer and business owner.

U.S. Congress

#1: Doug LaMalfa is a critical voice in the Congress, given his outspoken leadership in fighting to preserve our way of life in rural California. We need Doug to continue his work in opposing the EPA’s plan to remove Dams in favor of a fish, putting water rights at risk and hampering the ability of rural counties to be self-sufficient.

#4: Tom McClintock is one of the few in the California coalition that has been unafraid to fight against unchecked illegal immigration and Tom is an articulate conservative who I am proud to endorse.

#16: Johnny Tacherra is a 3rd Generation Dairy Farmer, not a Politician. Johnny is a strong conservative who lives his values. Hard work and determination are not buzzwords on a mailer, they’re a way of life in his family business, where every day is a challenge. We need Johnny’s experience running a small business and his first-hand understanding of agriculture. His integrity is a reflection of the people of the Central Valley, who deserve a champion rather than a sellout politician like Jim Costa.

#24: Chris Mitchum, son of famed actor Robert Mitchum would be an excellent replacement for Hard-Core Leftist Lois Capps, who is an enviro-extremist that hates the idea of private property. With Chris’s background in Hollywood, he would bring some strong connections that would be useful in exposing the corruption in Washington DC.

#25: Steve Knight is the ONLY conservative in this race featuring two Republicans. While Steve and I don’t agree on every issue, his opponent Tony Strickland is a typical politician who will do or say anything to get elected. Strickland recently smeared Steve for being an “anti-immigrant extremist” in spite of the fact that Steve is MARRIED to Lily, an Hispanic immigrant from Chile. To make matters worse, Strickland took money from the Humane Society after voting to restrict hunting, and recently signed onto the Gun Confiscation (aka “gun restraining order) law AB1014, which allows the Gov’t to take your guns BEFORE you have a day in court if a family member or anyone you lived with for 6 months or more decides you are a threat to yourself or others.

#32: Arturo Alas is an extraordinary young man, a true conservative in an uphill battle against leftist Grace Napolitano. In spite of that, Arturo has been able to pull together an amazingly diverse following, including what Huffington Post has deemed the Liberty Kids, who are conservative fiscally, but range from liberal to libertarian to conservative on social issues. Arturo has figured out how to attract voters on cross-over issues without abandoning his principles. Arturo led and won the fight and held a huge rally to protect the rights of Sriracha to produce their amazing sauce without gov’t interference. He also has taken a strong stand for property rights, protesting Obama’s land grab in the San Gabriel Mtns that threatened Mt. Baldy. With his help, Mt. Baldy was saved, and the land grab cut in half.

#27: Jack Orswell, retired from the FBI, has spent his life serving the public. Jack has a unique background as an agent assigned to the EPA to investigate actual environmental crimes, so you can bet that he’ll stand strong against that agency making a mockery of his work by making every business and property owner into a criminal. Jack has been out front in the fight to save the San Gabriel Mountains from Judy Chu’s land grab. While President Obama did award Judy 346,000 acres to be put under Federal conservatorship as a National Monument, that’s half of what she had originally proposed thanks to the efforts of Jack and others to wake up the community to this Federal land grab.

#41: Steve Adams will be a conservative as opposed to a leftist elitist, who refuses to listen to the people. Steve hasn’t been afraid to speak against the latest wave of illegal immigration sweeping across our borders, which means he’ll take the tough stands needed to keep our borders secure.

#48: Dana Rohrbacher has been a fearless voice for the people in the Congress, battling amnesty for illegals his entire career, and one of the few, having the courage to speak out against the failed war on drugs.

#50: Duncan Hunter is the only Member of Congress to see combat in Iraq and Afganistan has been a strong voice for veterans, especially in calling for the release of Sgt. Tahmooressi from Mexico.

California State Senate

#10: Peter Kuo is a business owner, and if he wins, will be a conservative voice in a liberal wilderness.

#14: Andy Vidak has won my respect in winning a difficult district, while remaining true to his beliefs. As a farmer, he brings an important perspective on agriculture and water and property rights.

#34: Janet Nguyen may be the key in ensuring the Democrats do not win a super-majority in the Senate.

#38: Joel Anderson has earned my respect as a battle-hardened veteran of the legislature, who fights smarter than anyone in that building, and was one of the only members unafraid to publicly fight for the release of our Marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who remains incarcerated in a Mexican Jail.

California State Assembly

#2: Matt Heath is a principled conservative who has worked actively to cut through the liberal lies to run an extremely effective campaign.

#16: Catherine Baker. While there are issues we may disagree on, she has been a relentless campaigner, using issues like One Bay Area, a regional land grab to bring Republicans and Democrats together in defense of private property rights. She has a great chance of being the only Republican in the Bay Area delegation.

#21: Jack Mobley is a write-in candidate, who just might be the pick-up seat that gives us a chance at breaking the SuperMajority.

#23: Jim Patterson is a principled, smart conservative who has been very effective in the Assembly.

#30: Mark Starrit is the conservative alternative to a self-avowed socialist—whose claim to fame is expanding Drivers licenses for illegals and enabling them to sue business owners if they don’t accept illegal only drivers licenses as ID for getting a job or renting property.

#32: Pedro Rios. Pedro is running is a neck and neck race, and could be one of the votes to break the Supermajority in the Assembly. He going to need your help to do it.

#34: Shannon Grove is one of my best friends in the Legislature. She’s one of the few who has the courage to stand up and speak out against the insanity. She’s had her microphone turned off more times than I can remember. There is no one more eloquent in defense of the right to life for the unborn. She has been a loyal patriot, even when it cost her.

#36: Tom Lackey is a former law enforcement officer in a district that conservatives need to win in order to make sure the Democrats don’t have the supermajority.

#40: Marc Steinorth is another vote that is critically needed. His race is tight, and he could use your help.

#44: Rob McCoy has withstood attacks by the political establishment and will be an important, outspoken conservative voice in the Assembly. This race is going to be close, so if you can, step up for Rob.

#48: Joe Gardner spent his career as a police officer, protecting and serving on the streets of his community; now he’ll fight to protect our freedoms in the legislature.

#65: Young Kim is a no-nonsense conservative, who is outspoken and unafraid. We need a lot more like her in Sacramento.

#67 Melissa Melendez has earned my respect for being a 2nd Amendment hawk on the liberal Public Safety committee, and was one of the only members unafraid to publicly fight for the release of our Marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who remains incarcerated in a Mexican Jail.

#68: Don Wagner is a friend, one of the smartest and most articulate members of the Assembly and will continue to be an important voice in the Legislature.

#70: John Goya winning would send a strong message that California is tired of big government.

#71: Brian Jones is my best friend in the Legislature, as honest and trustworthy as they come, and has been loyal to the cause even when it cost him a shot at leadership. He is an all too rare voice of the people in the Assembly.

#75: Marie Waldron is a conservative voice in the Assembly who is one of the few that has been outspoken against illegal immigration.

#78: Barbara Decker is a true patriot who has run an inspired race against the current, liberal Speaker of the Assembly.

Selected Local Races:

Brian Raymond for Atwater City Council is a true patriot who is fighting to win a seat on a City Council controlled by corruption.

Diane Serafin for Murrieta City Council is a true patriot, who fought successfully to end Red-light cameras in her city.

Erik Peterson and Lyn Semate for Huntington Beach City Council are true patriots who is fighting to win a seat on a City Council that has become a battleground over private property rights and gov’t encroachment.

Philip Peters for Kern County Board of Education is a true patriot, who opposes common core, and will bring some much-needed common sense to this board.

Donna Woodrum for San Diego Community College District Trustee is a true patriot, who has worked tirelessly to advance conservative principles and will be a breath of fresh air on this board.

Dran Reese for MiraCosta Community College Board of Trustees—Area 2 is a true patriot, who has worked tirelessly to get members of the church to step up within the community.

State Supreme Court:

(Borrowed from Kelly Hubbard, writer of OC Tea Party Blog, who can be reached here:




You may be surprised to know this, but Goodwin Liu was nominated by Obama in early 2010 and again in 2011 to serve on the ninth circuit court of appeals. He is a former UC Berkley Law Professor, who was so incredibly liberal, that even some Senate Democrats joined Republicans in blocking attempts to end their filibuster of him! This resulted in Obama withdrawing his nomination, not once but twice! Even Obama’s radical former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had reservations about nominating him because of his extreme views! Liu is a radical pro-abortion supporter, who also believes in an “evolving” Constitution! After a 16 month battle to keep Liu from the ninth circuit, Obama finally dropped his nomination, and shortly after that, Jerry Brown appointed him to our state’s highest court! I’ve pasted tons of info about Liu below! I strongly encourage you to vote NO on this guy for re-election! Liu has no business serving on the bench! Vote NO on Goodwin Liu for Supreme Court!

Other judicial recommendations can be found at



Below, I’ve listed wo solid Constitutional Conservatives running for U.S. Senate this year! Two of these races are considered hotly-contested battleground races and could very well end up effecting the balance of power in the U.S. Senate!

*Ben Sasse (R) NEBRASKA

*Joni Ernst (R) IOWA


Governor Scott Walker deserves our support for re-election and it’s important to support Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in his attempts to push-back against progressive efforts to turn Texas blue! Scott Walker and Greg Abbott for Governor!

*Scott Walker (R) WISCONSIN

*Greg Abbott (R) TEXAS

*Dan Patrick (R) Lieutenant Governor of Texas

(Unlike in California, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas is considered in some ways more powerful than the Governor of Texas because he leads the Senate’s day-to-day operations and committee membership)

Arizona Races

Gabby Mercer for Congress District 3 is facing off against Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva, an ardent Amnesty supporter. Gabby is a naturalized American citizen who came here from Mexico. She is an ardent defender of our borders, our sovereignty, and a staunch supporter of our military. In spite of all that, the GOP political establishment has refused to assist her so she needs all the help she can get. We need her unique perspective in the ongoing amnesty debate in Washington DC.

Steve Montenegro for Arizona House of Representatives District 12 is a true patriot that I know personally, having met him last year in Arizona. He has withstood the pressure of the establishment to pander, and has remained a steadfast voice for the people. He needs our support so to get re-elected.

For more information on other Conservatives running for Congress, candidates that the following organizations endorse, exemplify true American values and they deserve our support!

SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY – Deuteronomy 4:29-31 (NIV)

"But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul. When you are in distress and all these things have happened to you, then in later days you will return to the Lord your God and obey him. For the Lord your God is a merciful God; he will not abandon or destroy you or forget the covenant with your forefathers, which he confirmed to them by oath." 3-7-16


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Diamond and Silk

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Donald Trump from”Crippled America” (Posted on 3-7-16)

"But then I realized I couldn't stand what I was seeing. I couldn't believe the hypocrisy and inaction of Washington 'insiders' who wanted to keep the gravy train flowing in their direction, while outside the beltway, Americans were suffering and they were rightfully angry about the lack of leadership and creativity. . . . It begins by creating millions of good jobs for hardworking Americans."


Thanks for your Support!

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